Terry Ann Bedgood obituary

Terry Ann Bedgood Obituary

Alice, Texas, United States

July 19, 1932 - October 16, 2023

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Terry Ann Bedgood obituary

Terry Ann Bedgood Obituary

Jul 19, 1932 - Oct 16, 2023

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"In Loving Memory of Teresa Ann Bedgood: A Life Celebrated and Cherished"

It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of Terry Bedgood, a beloved member of the Alice, Texas community. Terry was born on July 19th, 1932, and sadly departed from this world on October 16, 2023.

Terry was a kind and compassionate individual whose warm presence touched the lives of many. Throughout her life, she exemplified the true meaning of dedication and generosity, always extending a helping hand to those in need.

Born and raised in Alice, Terry's roots were firmly planted in this close-knit community. She took great pride in her hometown and its people, devoting herself to making a positive impact. Whether it was volunteering at local charities, supporting various community initiatives, or simply offering a lending ear to friends and neighbors, Terry's unwavering commitment to others was truly commendable.

Terry's genuine love for her family and friends was unmatched. A devoted spouse, parent, grandparent, and friend, she held their loved ones close to her heart and cherished every moment spent together. Her nurturing and selfless nature created an environment of warmth and love that will forever live on.

Beyond her dedication to family and community, Terry was an accomplished teacher. She achieved great success throughout her career and gained recognition for her expertise and dedication to crafting young minds through her teaching. Known for her strong work ethic and unwavering integrity, Terry left a lasting impact on her field and will be remembered as a true inspiration.

Terry's passing leaves an irreplaceable void in the lives of all who had the honor of knowing them. Her legacy of compassion, empathy, and selflessness will continue to influence future generations in Alice. While her physical presence may no longer be with us, Terry's spirit will forever inspire us to be better versions of ourselves.

In this time of grief, let us remember and celebrate Terry Bedgood's remarkable life. May we find solace in the memories shared and the profound impact they had on all our lives. Our thoughts and prayers go out to their family, friends, and loved ones as we mourn this tremendous loss. Rest in peace, Terry.

Services will be held on October 18th, 2023 in Alice, Texas.

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