Star  Libran obituary

Star Libran Obituary

Fort Worth, Texas, United States

October 20, 2005 - March 15, 2085

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Star  Libran obituary

Star Libran Obituary

Oct 20, 2005 - Mar 15, 2085

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A Life Full of Happiness and Service in the Veterinary Medical Field

Star Libran, born on October 20, 2005, peacefully left this world on March 15, 2085, bringing smiles and joy to all those who were lucky enough to know her. Although her time on earth was marked with laughter and lightheartedness, she will be dearly missed by her loved ones in Fort Worth, Texas, United States.

Star was the beloved daughter of Edgar and Bernice Libran, who lovingly supported her throughout her life. She shared a beautiful bond with her spouse, Sharod Lewis, whom she married in 2031, and their years together were filled with love, laughter, and countless adventures.

As fate would have it, Star and Sharod did not have any children of their own. However, they made up for it with the love they bestowed upon their four-legged companions, turning their home into a haven for furry friends.

Star's early years were spent in pursuit of knowledge at V.R. Eaton High School. Her passion for learning led her to graduate in 2023, paving the way for further education at Mississippi State University. Ever the dedicated scholar, Star excelled in her studies, leaving an indelible mark on all those who shared her academic journey.

Following her graduation, Star chose a career path that mirrored her compassion and love for animals. As a Small Animal Surgeon, she dedicated her skills and expertise to healing and caring for our beloved furry companions. She touched countless lives and brought comfort to both the animals and their worried owners.

Star's zest for life was contagious, and she embraced every chance to celebrate and enjoy it to the fullest. She had an infectious laughter that could lift even the heaviest of spirits, and her genuine care and concern for others endeared her to anyone in need of a friend or a kind word.

On that fateful day, Star peacefully passed away from the weariness of time, succumbing to old age. Though we feel sorrow in our hearts, let us take solace in the fact that Star lived a life so full of happiness and love.

As we bid farewell to our dear Star, let us remember her with laughter, celebrate her achievements, and keep her spirit alive within our own lives. The memories we shared with her will forever be cherished, and her legacy will continue to inspire us to approach life with the same lightheartedness and zest that she embodied.

Rest in peace, dear Star. You will be missed, but your memory will forever twinkle brightly in our hearts.

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