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Megan Robinson

Megan Robinson

“When my sister passed away, my family was looking for a place where we could post her obituary long term. The mortuary only kept her obituary on their site for a matter of weeks but we wanted a place to commemorate her for years to come. OBITUARe.com was our answer. The site was easy to use and share among friends and family. We especially liked that we could share pictures of her life, link to her Facebook page and leave comments on her OBITUARe.com page. In a difficult time, OBITUARe.com made posting an obituary easy.”

– In Memory of Jonna
Bridget Winans

Bridget Winans

“When I found out how expensive it was to post an obituary in the newspaper I tried finding an alternative.  This is when I found OBITUARe.com! It was so much more affordable than a newspaper obit and felt more dignified than a Facebook post.”

– In Memory of Ray Lopez
Evan Santana

Evan Santana

“It was so easy to post an obituary on this site. From start to finish, I created my mother’s obituary in less than 30 minutes. That same day, I shared it with all our relatives and close friends.  I especially liked how easy it was to make corrections and add information to keep people informed.”

How it Works

We guide you through the obituary process.

In a few quick steps we gather the most important information about your loved one and create something memorable for you to share.

What you Receive

A beautifully designed online obituary.

Easily share your loved one’s obituary so friends & family can:

  • Send their condolences
  • Share a memory
  • Add their photos
  • Read important details about funeral services.

Choose from 45 different background themes.

Premium obituary print templates.

In one click you can generate a printable PDF of your loved one’s obituary. Keep this as a tangible memory and share it with family & friends. In addition to the main obituary page, we give you the option to include:

1. Service information
2. Guest book comments
3. Photo gallery

Choose from 49 different options. Fully customizable to support any language.

Service Program

We make it easy for you to create a foldable program that can be shared at a memorial service. Our customizable template includes:

1. Front Cover
2. Order of Service
3. Biography/Legacy
4. Personal text (such as a poem, song or prayer)

Choose from 13 different options. Fully customizable to support all languages.

Memorial Card

Create a memorial card that matches the design of the service program to hand out to guests at a memorial service as a keepsake.

Choose from 13 different options. Fully customizable to support all languages.

Our Mission

OBITUARe.com is an obituary website that allows family and friends to memorialize loved ones in a more honorable way. Inspired by our personal experience with the heartache and stress of writing an obituary, OBITUARe.com was created to guide its users through their emotional journey and bring comfort during a time of loss.

We provide a service to secure meaningful memories that can be shared with the community and future generations. Our process is time efficient and helps to reduce the burden of funeral expenses.

We hope that you find it helpful when honoring your loved one. To learn more about OBITUARe.com read our blog.

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