Heather Nichole Arawn obituary

Heather Nichole Arawn Obituary

Spring, Texas, United States

February 02, 1979 - February 02, 2079

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Heather Nichole Arawn obituary

Heather Nichole Arawn Obituary

Feb 02, 1979 - Feb 02, 2079

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Loved by All

Heather Arawn, beloved wife, mother, and high school teacher, has passed away at the age of 100 on February 2, 2079, in Spring, Texas. She was born on February 2, 1979, to parents Daniel Powell and Kathy Powell-McEwen.

Heather had a heart full of love that she spread wherever she went. She was a dedicated and loving wife to her husband Steven Arawn, whom she married in 2015, and a devoted mother to their five children: Jeremiah Hindberg, Jack Trujillo, Evelyn Trujillo, Felix Arawn, and Lynorra Arawn.

Heather was also committed to making a difference in the world and lived by the creed that one person can make a change. She studied at Dobson High School and graduated in 1997, followed by further studies at the University of Arizona. Her passion for education led her to become a biology teacher, where she touched countless lives.

In addition to teaching, Heather was also an advocate for animals and volunteered her time with the Austin Pets Alive organization. Her love for animals was a reflection of her big heart and her desire to help those in need.

The cause of Heather's passing was ultimately due to too much love. Her love for her family, friends, and community was unwavering and endless. She will be deeply missed but never forgotten.

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Celebration of Life Details:
June 10, 2079
Eloise Woods Natural Burial Park, 115 Northside Ln, Cedar Creek, TX
Details: Heather loved flowers and dreamed of having hundreds at her burial. Your contribution would be appreciated.



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