Patrice  Mouton obituary

Patrice Mouton Obituary

Fort Worth, Texas, United States

February 18, 1960 - August 01, 2023

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 Patrice  Mouton obituary

Patrice Mouton Obituary

Feb 18, 1960 - Aug 01, 2023

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She lived her life to the fullest.

Today, we gather to bid farewell to a truly remarkable individual, Patrice Mouton, who graced this world on February 18, 1960, and departed on August 1, 2023, in Fort Worth, Texas, United States. Born to Travis L. Mouton and Eugenia Mouton, Patrice was a beloved child and sibling, cherishing the bond of family throughout their life.

Patrice, a loving and devoted parent, leaves behind a legacy of three incredible children, Ivory Smith, Kacie Taylor, and Hillary Macfadden. Their nurturing spirit and unconditional love as a parent created a foundation of strength, guidance, and compassion within their family.

Hailing from Fort Worth, Patrice began their educational journey at Carter High School, where they excelled academically, forging friendships that lasted a lifetime. Graduating in 1978, Patrice proved to be a brilliant student, setting the stage for future success.

With an unwavering dedication to personal development, Patrice continued their studies at the esteemed University of Texas at Arlington (UTA), propelling themselves towards a thriving future. Their pursuit of knowledge instilled in them a deep respect for education, leaving an indelible mark on all who crossed their path.

As a Nurse by profession, Patrice's caring nature blossomed in the realm of healthcare, offering solace and support to countless patients during times of vulnerability. They wholeheartedly embraced their role, displaying compassion, empathy, and an unrelenting commitment to the well-being of others.

Beyond their esteemed career, Patrice relished in the joys of being a grandparent. Celebrating their two grandchildren with boundless love and affection, they cherished every moment spent together, weaving an unbreakable bond that will transcend time.

Patrice Mouton will forever be remembered for their unwavering love, their profound presence, and their ability to light up a room with an infectious smile. Their legacy lives on through their children, who carry their values and lessons forward with unwavering pride.

As we say our final goodbyes, may we find solace in Patrice's memory, honoring their spirit by embracing the compassion, strength, and resilience they embodied. They will forever remain an inspiration to us all, reminding us to make every moment count and to cherish the bonds we forge along the journey of life.

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