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Rebecca  Dufresne obituary

Rebecca Dufresne Obituary

Miami, Florida, United States

September 30, 1999 - November 23, 2099

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Rebecca  Dufresne obituary

Rebecca Dufresne Obituary

Sep 30, 1999 - Nov 23, 2099

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A Wonderful Daughter, Mother and Friend

Rebecca Dufresne, 100, of Miami, Florida, passed Monday, November 23, 2099. Rebecca was born to Joel Dufresne, and Nicole Dufresne, September 30, 1999, in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

Rebecca graduated from Wiliam H. Turner Technical Arts High School in 2018 and received a degree from Florida State University in 2022. Rebecca worked as a Pediatrician until she retired in 2,064. She also volunteered at the Youth Outreach Program

Rebecca is survived by 11 children: Messiah Xavier (Last name), Jeremiah Ezekiel (Last name), Jebediah Ezra (Last name), Neriah Almighty (Last name), Cairo Anthony (Last name), Carmel Amelia (Last name), Ishmael Quincy (Last name), Melody Grace (Last name), Harmony Faith (Last name), Symphony Joy (Last name), and Hezekiah Jason (Last name).

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