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Date of BirthJanuary 20, 1987

Raheem Brown Obituary

Date of BirthJanuary 20, 1987


Date of DeathJuly 09, 2019

Raheem Brown Obituary

from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Raheem Brown, 32, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, passed Tuesday, July 09, 2019. Raheem was born to Tyrone Brown, and Tamika Brown, January 20, 1987 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Raheem graduated from Abraham Lincoln High School in 2005. He married Jamela Harris, and they lived together in Philadelphia. Raheem worked at Amazon.

Raheem is survived by 2 children: Malik Brown, and Sardae Brown.


Raheem Brown (1987 - 2019)

My son lived his life on his terms. He listened, but did not take advice. He did not conform to social “norms.” But he was not a rebel. He was not rebelling against anything or anyone. He was a free-spirit who lived in the present, and again, on his terms. He was a dreamer. He was a leader. He had followers. He could enter a room and brighten it with his smile, his attitude, or just his presence. He had "it."

 He did not die on his terms. He did not want to leave us. He loved us. He will continue to love us. My son, Raheem Brown, died a man. He died with the dignity and the respect he deserved. He achieved his goal of making us proud. He achieved his goal of being proud of himself. Our lives will never be the same. He made sure of that.








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