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Dr. Michael Sturgill (neurosuregeon)

Date of Birth December 28, 1954

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Date of Passing October 15, 2019

Michael Sturgill

from Chicago, Illinois, United States

Michael Sturgill, 64, of Chicago, Illinois, United States, passed Monday, October 14, 2019. Michael was born December 28, 1954.


Dr. Michael Sturgill (neurosurgeon)

Born: Dec. 28, 1954

Died: Oct. 15, 2019


Michael Eugene Sturgill, 64, passed away to be in peace with the Lord on October 14, 2019.  


Michael always wanted a family.  He was a wonderful man and great husband to Milena Sukovic, who did all she could do to help him.  He did all he could to help and protect his family.  He had five biological children: Ryan Sturgill, Eric Sturgill, Kyra Sturgill, Stella Sturgill, Haley Sturgill; and a stepdaughter Aleksandra Dabic. He loved all of his children unconditionally. 


Michael was born and raised in Twin Falls, Idaho to a loving Mormon family who taught him strong moral and hard-working family values. Michael leaves his father Eugene Sturgill, brother Jerry Sturgill, brother David Sturgill, brother Robert Sturgill, sister Kelly Price, and sister Julie Sturgill to join their mother Beverly Sturgill in peace.  His mother was raised in the Crowley family, who he loved dearly.  In his last seven years he appreciated the love and welcome he received from the Sukovic family. 


Michael had a huge heart. He had great friends and colleagues who knew him well.  He appreciated what they had done for him, especially in the later years: Andrew Fleming Esq, Bob Erickson MD, and Miles Sukovic Esq. Also, his family: Jerry Sturgill, Rob Sturgill, Julie Sturgill, and Gene Sturgill, did all they could to help him in his later years. 


As a young child, Michael was adventurous and loved the large open spaces of the outdoors, especially the Salmon River.  He grew up working hard on the family farm. He loved river rafting so much he was a river guide for about ten years.  He shared this love with his youngest brother, Rob, who took over the river rafting duties. 


Michael was so popular growing up that he was voted senior class president. He was a quarterback of his football team and also did well in track and field and diving.  He received a football scholarship at Brigham Young University (BYU), but instead decided to study to become a neurosurgeon.  


He was a highly respected emergency neurosurgeon at Chicago’s Mount Sinai Hospital.  Chicago summers kept him extremely busy to where he hardly slept through the night.  He was a caring surgeon.  When a cardiac surgeon, who worked at the same hospital as he did, needed emergency neurosurgery, though it was Michael’s weekend with his kids, and so he was not on-call, his colleagues begged him to stay late that Friday and do the surgery. The doctor had a full recovery. Milena recalls her and Michael running into a family of one of Michael's patients at Eddie Merlot's in Lincolnshire. The family of the patient explained how no other surgeon told them their mother had a chance to live, except Michael. He performed the surgery and their mother recovered.  They were so appreciative they bought him gifts including a blue Gucci tie. He had no idea what Gucci was, but he loved to wear the tie as it made him feel very appreciated for being great at what he loved to do, help people. 


He greatly respected and appreciated his Physician Assistant, Val Cooper, for keeping his surgery room organized and for being a great friend.  


He was such a highly respected neurosurgeon that he was asked to be an expert witness on the topic of neurosurgery (brain/spine) surgery at trials.  


He was a great loving man who believed in Jesus Christ.


He suffered from parental alienation. For a copy of the expert report on parental alienation, email msmilena.sukovic@gmail.com.  Sadly, not many people undertstood enough to take it seriously. 


Milena is holding a memorial service for Michael on Sunday December 8, 2019 at 4pm at St Basil Serbian Orthodox Church at 27450 N Bradley Rd, Mettawa, IL 60045 where he was always welcomed by V. Rev. Fr. Djuro Krosnjar and the members.  Please share kind words of Michael with us.  


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Memorial Details:

Dec 08, 2019
St Basil Serbian Orthodox Church, 27450 N Bradley Rd, Mettawa, IL 60045
Details: Please share kind words of Michael with us.
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Memorial Details

Memorial Details:

Dec 08, 2019
St Basil Serbian Orthodox Church, 27450 N Bradley Rd, Mettawa, IL 60045
Details: Please share kind words of Michael with us.
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