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Taneia Kyla Hopkins obituary

Taneia Kyla Hopkins Obituary

Chicago, Illinois, United States

October 24, 1996 - January 26, 2100

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Taneia Kyla Hopkins obituary

Taneia Kyla Hopkins Obituary

Oct 24, 1996 - Jan 26, 2100

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Taneia Kyla Hopkins, 103, of Chicago Illinois, passed away Tuesday, January 26, 2100. She was born to William Hopkins Jr., and Victoria Clark, October 24, 1996. Taneia Kyla graduated from Kenwood Academy in 2015 and received a degree from Malcolm X in 2019. She married John Doe in 2011, and they lived together in Chicago, Illinios.

Taneia Kyla worked at Rush Hospital until she retired in 2040. She also volunteered at the Cancer Center from 2017-2025 and was passionate about affecting the most positive change in people. In 2017 she was honored with the Best Head Nurse award. 

Taneia Kyla is survived by 3 children: Ryan Doe (Ricky Suave), Cody Doe, and Kobe Doe. She also is survived by 2 grandchildren.

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