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Date of BirthJuly 01, 1996

Marcus Mia Salano Obituary

Date of BirthJuly 01, 1996


Date of DeathNovember 24, 2018

Marcus Mia Salano Obituary

from Oil City, Pennsylvania, United States

Marcus Salano, 22, of Oil City, Pennsylvania, passed Saturday, November 24, 2018. Marcus was born to marcus, and mia, July 01, 1996.

Marcus graduated from florida Highschool in 2014.

Marcus worked as a Volunteer Helping People In His Community For Most Of His Life It Was What He Enjoyed Helping People ,His People;People He Grew up With,People Who Helped Our Family.

We See Now He Was Providing Comfort For Others On Account Of His Own Pain, We Hope And Pray He Is In A Better Place Now Free Of The Suffocating Sorrow And Pain That Drove Him To End His Life.

A Life That Was Cut Far Too Short.

Marcus, We All Love And Miss You Deeply My Only Hope Is that Now You Might Be At Peace And At Rest.

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