Lauren Brooks Leija obituary

Lauren Brooks Leija Obituary

Charlotte, Tennessee, United States

November 06, 1984 - March 16, 2017

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Lauren Brooks Leija obituary

Lauren Brooks Leija Obituary

Nov 06, 1984 - Mar 16, 2017

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Lauren Brooks LeijaKnoxville, TN & San Antonio, TXLauren Brooks Leija was born on November 5th, 1984 in Charlotte, NC. A beautiful, exquisite, brown-eyed precious child was gifted to the world. Mom, Linda (mama, Mamasita) and Dad, Ernie (daddy, pops) never let her out of their sight. Lauren was a happy, carefree child who loved music, dance, soccer, friends and family. She brought joy to everyone she met and received love and joy with ease. Her magnificent little brother (Taylor, Tay Tay) instantly became her sidekick and they were inseparable, could not stand to be apart for even one second. Beaches, biking, picnics, outings, family trips, and holidays were filled with adventure, laughter and fun. Lauren was lucky to be have a universe filled with the greatest friends anyone could ever wish for. Lauren was a free spirit and was never burdened by any longing for material objects. Lauren graduated from Bearden High School in 2003 and proceeded to live her life exactly as she wished. While she spent most of her life in her beloved Knoxville, Lauren traveled freely and lived in several spots, always exploring. She loved the beach and found great peace and comfort near water. Her beautiful smile and infectious laughter were her trademark. She had the sharpest wit and could instantly make you happy and forget your worries. She just had that "way" about her. Everyone she ever worked with fell madly in love with her. Lauren had great compassion for all… young, old, animals and "the underdog". She was crazy about her job at the Villas de San Antonio and everyone there was crazy about her. How couldn't they be?Lauren died on March 15th, 2017 in a car accident in San Antonio, TX. She left the world a better place. Gone before and close to her, Grandfather and Grandmother, Everett Franklin Cox and Thelma Maxine Alley Cox. Uncle Jerry (Cox) and Uncle Albert (Leija). Great Aunt Helen Lucile Gustafson (Adventuresome, Old Hickory) and Great Uncles Gus Gustafson and Bus Alley. Finally a very rich, regal heritage from those who came before her and collectively made her the fabulous creature she was.Those left on earth to love her forever are too many to list all, but a start includes: Fabulous Dad, Ernie Leija (the absolute love of her life), Doting Grandpa Dionisio Leija, Strong and wonderful Grandma Nita-Esmeralda Vargas King, Uncles Will Leija, Danny Leija, and Leonard Leija Incredible Aunt Jennifer Hughes and their sweet families. Luckiest mom in the world, Linda Cox-Collier and coolest step dad ever Rowdey William Collier (who adored Lauren, boy could those two cut up). Best brother in the world, Taylor Reid Leija, sweet sis-in-law Danica Leija and Lauren's favorite person of all time (sorry for the rest of you) the amazing Cameron Grey Leija. Handsome Step Brother, Jacob Patrick Collier. But wait, there's more. Aunt and soulmate, Virginia Louise Cox Croft and Uncle Charlie Croft. Spectacularly quirky and brilliant Aunt Lisa June Cox (and several exes that loved Lauren), Sir David Hogan, the one of a kind Evan Audrey Berry and the beautiful and talented Ayla Margrete Morris (Lauren loved these two cousins and spent a great deal of time with them). Cousins, April and Jim Hopper, Stephanie Cox, Miranda Ezell and their sweet families. Magical cousins Austin Pool and Kelly Robinson (and her sidekicks Brad and Jack). So many incredible friends who were always there for Lauren and who she reciprocated gladly include besties Beth Farrow, Angelique Gallager, Sumer Gerard Moore. Nancy De Jesus, Joe Moore, Ryan Gallager and a cast of characters that goes on and on. She is here, she will always be here and the love for her will only grow and perpetuate more love. Several fun and interesting celebrations will occur shortly for close family and friends including 2 in San Antonio and a Lauren Brooks Leija Spring Fling in Knoxville, or thereabout. Love, Peace and Joy are the only needs, so plant something in your yard or donate to whatever trips your trigger, if you like. Ha! Love, Lauren.
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