David   Lewis Carter ll obituary

David Lewis Carter ll Obituary

Columbus, Ohio, United States

December 27, 1982 - October 31, 2023

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David   Lewis Carter ll obituary

David Lewis Carter ll Obituary

Dec 27, 1982 - Oct 31, 2023

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A life gone to soon

David Lewis Carter II, beloved husband, father, and master of dad jokes, bid farewell to the world on October 31, 2023, in Columbus, Ohio, United States. Born on December 27, 1982, he brought smiles, laughter, and questionable dance moves into the lives of everyone he encountered.

David, affectionately known as "DL," was the son of David Lewis and Pamela Lewis Lavenia Lewis. The family tree was filled with Lewises, but DL had a way of making sure his name stood out. From his mischievous pranks as a child to his notorious dad humor as an adult, he was always able to grab everyone's attention, even if it meant sneaking up behind them and shouting, "Boo!"

He found his partner in crime, Megan Collin, in year 3 (that's how he liked to call the year they tied the knot). DL and Megan had a love story so extravagant that it almost rivaled his expertise in making the perfect grilled cheese sandwich. Their bond remained strong through countless eye rolls at his puns and his endless attempts at inventing the ultimate dad joke. Megan was truly the yin to his yang, the laughter to his punchline.

DL's legacy continues through his two incredible children, Aaliyah and Lyzz. Aaliyah, who inherited her father's charismatic charm, found her soulmate in Brittney Beck, a fellow appreciator of David's pun-tastic escapades. Together, they carry on DL's tradition of making people groan and laugh simultaneously.

Lyzz, on the other hand, inherited her father's love for creating stories and adventures. With her spouse Amina White, they tirelessly work on building worlds that would make DL proud. Although David won't physically be there to see their imaginative creations, his spirit will undoubtedly fuel their inspiration.

DL would be remembered for his ability to bring joy to the simplest moments. His knack for sneaking funny references into serious conversations and his legendary dance moves (which only he thought were legendary) will be forever etched in our hearts. As the curtains close on DL's final act, let us remember to honor his memory with laughter, not tears. Rest in Puns, DL. Rest in Puns.

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Funeral Details:
11:00 Am
November 18, 2023
Dave Whitaker, 720 E Long St, Columbus ohio



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