Darrel  Barton obituary

Darrel Barton Obituary

Aurora, Illinois, United States

December 14, 1975 - June 15, 2018

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Darrel  Barton obituary

Darrel Barton Obituary

Dec 14, 1975 - Jun 15, 2018

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A Life Well Lived

Darrel was one of the original BBOY, DJ, Producers to hit the scene in the early 80's in Aurora. He was part of the breakdance crew, Street Freez. He learned how to do acrobatics at the Bonnie Ardeline School of Dance. He was encouraged by his grandmother, Mae Jaynes to pursue his love of dance. Derral told us how his grandmother gave him the choice between ballet and acrobatics and he quickly chose acrobatics! Derral's dance training quickly made him one of the best breakdancers Aurora had ever seen. He poured his energy into dance and he attracted many friends to his energy and display of amazing dance moves.

When House Music came to Aurora, he was there when his friend, David Luna, first got his technics 1200's turntables making them some of the first DJs in Aurora along with many of Derral's friends like Richard "Houseman" Graves, Bobby "Boom Boom" Villa, Kevin "Jack Trax" Elliott and Rodney "Scratch Master Funk" Taylor. Derral, like his friends, learned mixing from listening to DJs from 102.7fm WBMX, like Farley "Jackmaster" Funk Williams.

In the later years, Derral started channeling his energy into creating his own music along with longtime friend Jordan Fields. Derral was a perfectionist in his music. He was like a scientist mixing different beats and sounds to make his music until the last day of his life.

Martial Arts, Spirituality, and Universal Laws were a major part of Derral's life. It is a way that kept him balanced and humbled. His love of Martial Arts began when he and friends would gather at David's house to watch Kung Fu Theater. They would watch Kung Fu movies and then go outside and break dance in the driveway. He continued formal Martial Arts training under the Teachings of Sifu Arthur Barry, where he learned Northern Shaolin Praying Mantis. This style went hand in hand with his dance abilities. As good as Derral was, he never competed because he always remained a very respectable sense of humility.

Welcoming Darrell Barton to the next life are his mother, Lucy Castaneda; his father, James Barton, along with his grandparents.

Darrel is survived by his brother, Tony Barton; sister, Sterling Barton; sister, Marilyn Barton; brother, Jeffrey Castaneda along with many nieces, nephews, cousins, uncles and aunts. He will be missed by all. As we pray for him, we know he is praying for us.

Special thanks to all the DJs who came out on Friday.

Special thanks to his niece, Mercedez Moon, who couldn't be here, for her contribution to Darrel's service.

Special thanks to Richard Graves for doing the prayer service on Monday.

Special thanks to Frank Navarro of Accion Latina for donating the hall on Friday and Monday. We are truly grateful.

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