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  • authorAuthor:Steven
  • Date:August 14, 2019
  • Category:Community, Interesting Data

The Best Way to Save Money on a Beautiful Obituary

Several months ago, we posted OBITUARe’s Data Discovery Project, claiming that OBITUARe is more cost effective for your family than even the cheapest newspaper options, and now we have even more data to prove it! We calculated the total cost it would take to print an average obituary (300 words with one picture) in 20 different newspapers, and the difference between them and OBITUARe is staggering in every way.
Average OBITUARe Option Average Newspaper Options
One Year: $29 One Day: $1110
Cheapest OBITUARe Option Cheapest Newspaper Options
Three Days: Free One Day: $250
Most Expensive OBITUARe Option Most Expensive Newspaper Options
Lifetime: $99 One Day: $3231
And if draining a thousand dollars from your family isn’t enough, newspapers also tack on anywhere from $50 to $100 for extra images and emblems like the American flag or military insignia, and some will charge for a guestbook and an online version. OBITUARe includes these extras for FREE, allowing you to pay a minimal price for a full-featured, beautifully designed obituary that you can print and share online. We created OBITUARe to save grieving families money how much would you save by using OBITUARe? If you have more data for us, let us know by taking our Data Discovery Project survey.