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  • authorAuthor:Steven
  • Date:February 03, 2019
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Obituary Data Discovery Project

Any person who has created and/or submitted an obituary to a newspaper is aware of the painful inefficiency and cost. This is why OBITUARe was built to be the easiest way to create and share a free obituary. To understand exactly how we compare to newspapers I welcome you to view our comparison page. The purpose of the comparison page is to provide insight about the benefits of using OBITUARe to memorialize a loved one. The data we used to drive our original analysis was based on a small subset of newspapers across the country. To further support these claims and uncover more valuable insights we want to expand on the original data with the Obituary Data Discovery (ODD) Project.

What is the Obituary Data Discovery Project?

The ODD Project will begin as a public survey to gather obituary data on 2 newspapers within our Nation's 50 largest cities (by population). Ideally we will target 1 large and 1 small(er) organization. Here is a link to the current list we've aggregated. If you have a suggestion for a specific newspaper please leave a comment or feel free to email me. Or, if you know of a study similar to the ODD Project, please send me an email.

How Will it Work?

That's a great question. I've researched the pricing structures and obituary processes for over 100 newspapers around the country but I've realized that this is not enough. In order to generate trust and confidence in the results I need additional help to ensure that they're objective and reliable. With that said, if you or anybody you know has an interest in helping us with this project please read the Next Steps section below. You can leave a comment or email me directly if you have questions.

What is the Goal?

Our goal is to help our customers make an informed decision by sharing insights about the cost and process of submitting obituaries across the Nation. The collection of data will be ongoing, but once we reach 20 responses we'll start to compare the results to OBITUARe. Ultimately, we want people to understand the value using OBITUARe to honor a loved. If someone really wants a printed obituary we want them to know that they can do that here much faster while saving a significant amount of money! In order for people to understand the value of OBITUARe in comparison to its antiquated competitor it's important to answer questions like:
  • How much time can I save by submitting an obituary on OBITUARe vs. the newspaper?
  • How much money can I save by skipping the newspaper and submitting on OBITUARe?
We will be able to answer these questions above and gather specific insights into the myriad cost structures and submission processes that exist throughout the United States once we gather enough data.

Next Steps

1. Find a newspaper in your hometown or select one from our list here 2. Open this survey link and answer each question When you're done your information will be aggregated with all other responses. Right after you click "Submit" you will have an option to see visualizations of this data.