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  • authorAuthor:Steven
  • Date:July 07, 2020
  • Category:Community, Interesting Data, OBITUARe News

OBITUARe vs Newspaper Obituary: Feature Comparison

For the final part of our article series on newspaper obituary options, we compared OBITUARe’s extra features to newspaper discounts, and once more OBITUARe wins. You don’t get what you pay for when you spend a thousand dollars on a newspaper obituary.
OBITUARe Features Newspaper Features
You can fully customize your obituary with colorful backgrounds and extra pictures. For all newspapers, you’re confined to a handful of templates at most. Some don’t let you customize at all.
Unlimited edits. Editing is difficult or impossible after submission, and the printing process may result in mistakes on the newspaper’s part.
Unlimited words. The more you write on your loved one, the more you have to pay.
OBITUARe allows its customers to comment in a Guestbook, plant digital flowers, include a link for donation, and send online condolences all of this for free. Newspapers either don’t offer a Guestbook or a donation link, or they charge you extra for it. Some of them ship you a free keepsake, or offer a half-off deal for subsequent days of print. These discounts are irrelevant when you have to pay a thousand dollars.
The Data Discovery Project confirms that OBITUARe is the most economical, efficient, and honorable way to create obituaries compared to newspapers it’s cheaper, faster, and easier on grieving families. OBITUARe is not just an obituary-maker; it is a community platform with plenty of features that allow friends and families to share their love.