Holden  Caulfield obituary

Holden Caulfield Obituary

New York City, New York, United States

December 04, 1935 - July 05, 1974

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Holden  Caulfield obituary

Holden Caulfield Obituary

Dec 04, 1935 - Jul 05, 1974

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A very depressing life

Holden Caulfield, 38, of New York City, New York, passed Friday, July 05, 1974. Holden was born December 04, 1935 in New York, New York. Holden Caulfield was a brilliant man who had some much potential if he would have put effort into his life. He was hated by most but loved by his sister who was described as not only a sister but also a best friend. Holden had spent his childhood moving from boarding school to boarding school not ever finding a school to call home. Though Holden never graduated high school and never even looked for a college, he was still a very smart man who was very independently brilliant and had a real knack for lying. Holden had spent many years after getting kicked out of his last school Pencey Prep in a mental hospital but had made no progress at all. Holden later escaped that hospital and lived on the streets of New York for many years. Holden was not seen for almost 10 years after that when he finally returned to his sister and lived with her for the rest of his short depressing life. Even though he did not have any friends many everyone who knew him described him as a repelling, depressing, absent-minded, pacifist who had no friends and did not care about anything. Holden was not too loved by anyone who knew him besides his sister who described him as a protective brother who loved her very much who would do anything for her. She also stated that when he was with her he was always in a good mood that never made her feel like he was depressed or he was a pacifist. Holden might have not been very loved but he will be missed, passing away at a very young age of 38 from lung cancer stage 5. He will be missed.

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