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Yvonne Marie Davis-Thompson obituary

Yvonne Marie Davis-Thompson Obituary

Atlanta, Georgia, United States

January 22, 1953 - February 03, 2024

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Yvonne Marie Davis-Thompson obituary

Yvonne Marie Davis-Thompson Obituary

Jan 22, 1953 - Feb 03, 2024

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The Most Incredible

We love you forever mommy…..💕

On January 22, 1953, Yvonne Marie Davis-Thompson was born to her father Sydney Hall Goupall and mother Geraldine Davis in Banbury, Saint Catherine, Jamaica. She was lovingly raised by her maternal grandparents, Ivan Davis and Agatha “Cookie” Davis. Her grandparents loved and cherished her deeply and affectionately called her “Deta”. Ivan and Agatha Davis not only taught her the value of hard work, industriousness, dedication, and committed love, but they also taught her; namely, Ivan Davis inculcated the love of Jehovah deeply in her heart. 

Faithfully, he took her to the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Jamaica, and that is where she made a dedication from youth to serve Jehovah fully for the entirety of her life at the age of 15 years old. She symbolized her dedication to God by water baptism on November 6, 1968. 

As a young adult, Yvonne Marie migrated to Toronto, Canada; there she reunited with her mother and took on her surname “Blagrove” and from there entered into the USA in Buffalo, New York, and ultimately resettled in Boston, Massachusetts. There she married and had seven daughters. She mothered her seven daughters Alice, Devon, Kristie, Lorraine (late), Leah, Deborah, and Sarah. Years later she divorced. As a single parent, she had a fiery zeal of determination to raise all her daughters and become a permanent citizen. The friends were so encouraged to see her determination and commitment to raising her daughters, so they supported her wholeheartedly, teaching her new skills like sewing that were not only practical but would later financially support her. Yvonne Marie worked very hard throughout the years as a single parent, demonstrating love and care for her children selflessly and tirelessly. A woman of many skills and talents, which she used to serve her family. One of her many gifts was efficiency; she was known for this. And because she had this gift, even as a single parent, she was able to be generous to others because she saved so greatly! 

Her love for Jehovah God was her greatest accomplishment, which emboldened her to prepare her daughters to be committed to Jehovah as well. By her actions, she trained us not to forsake Jehovah. Every weekend she made sure we demonstrated love of Jehovah by helping people in the community know about Jehovah’s promised new world! Years later she moved to Brooksville, Florida, and secured her citizenship; shortly afterward remarried; therefore relocating to Augusta, Georgia, where she had her beloved son, Tony Thompson. 

Some of her passions included sewing, dancing, traveling back home, and meeting new friends, but the skill and experience she developed as a seamstress allowed her to turn that passion into a business. Helping brides select that special dress brought her great joy. Years later she retired as a seamstress; shortly after she relocated to Lawrenceville, Georgia, and fully exerted herself in the full-time ministry, declaring the good news of the kingdom, similar to the work that Jesus Christ did. 

Yvonne Marie proved to be so inspiring to many people. Even though she was very shy, she would boldly speak to anyone about Jehovah’s wonderful promises of a better future, motivating others to do the same work! {Luke 13:24: “Exert yourselves vigorously to get in through the narrow door because many, I tell you, will seek to get in but will not be able”} 

Who is Yvonne Marie, a woman of great fashion and style, beautiful on the outside and inside. A woman known for her many acts of kindness and generosity. A woman who selflessly gave to others her time and resources. A woman who loves her children and grandchildren so much, and took pleasure in spending her time with them. A woman who spent countless hours expressing Jehovah’s promises to others. {Ecclesiastes 7:1: “A good name is better than good oil, and the day of death is better than the day of birth.”} 

Our Great God Jehovah has Yvonne Marie in the safest place; His Memory. He is honoring Yvonne Marie and innumerable faithful men and women by providing “The Resurrection Hope.” Jehovah has emboldened us to continue to go on by means of this truth. So we endeavor to have the same industriousness and commitment as Yvonne Marie, by imitating her faith. By being resilient, steadfast, courageous, and maintaining unwavering faith; this way we keep alive the most incredible life and ministry of Yvonne Marie. {Malachi 3:16: “And a book of remembrance was written before him for those fearing Jehovah and for those meditating on his name.”}


Yvonne Marie’s 5 surviving siblings from Geraldine Blagrove.

Vivavin Blagrove, Rose Blagrove, James Blagrove, Joan Blagrove

 Yvonne Marie’s 6 surviving siblings from Sydney Goupall.

Shirley Cotton, Jacqueline Goupall, Paulette Todd, Valerie Goupall, Norman Goupall, Stanley Goupall

Yvonne Marie’s 7 surviving children.

Alice Waleia Blagrove, Devon Alicia Williams, Kristie Love Brown, Leah Juanita Searles, Deborah Ann Blagrove, Sarah Andrea Blagrove, Tony Nathaniel Thompson

Yvonne Marie’s 11 surviving grandchildren.

Chances Adora Brice, William Lawrence Prentice, Dionna Marie Hillman, Abriana Jace Forbes, Myea Yvonnee Blagrove, Alanna Stormie Brown, Elijah Jose Middlebrooks, Sierra Leone Blagrove, Jayden Michael Brown, Josiah Amato Middlebrooks, Tony Nathaniel Thompson II

~~~~~~~~~~Family Comment~~~~~~~~

Throughout her fight, we want to express our deepest gratitude for all the kind words, kind gestures, kind deeds, and the multitude of prayers on behalf of Yvonne Marie and her family.

You can to the family or in memory of Yvonne Davis-Thompson.


The Life of Yvonne Thompson ~ Funeral Discourse Details:
February 24, 2024
2240 Sunny Hill Road, Prospect Congregation Auditorium, Lawerenceville, Georgia
Details: Repass: ~The life of Yvonne Marie~ Address: Bunten Park Location: 3180 Bunten Road Duluth Georgia 30096 ~Time: 2:45p-5:45p
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