Miranda L Cole obituary

Miranda L Cole Obituary

San Bernardino, California, United States

January 07, 1995 - August 13, 2020

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Miranda L Cole obituary

Miranda L Cole Obituary

Jan 07, 1995 - Aug 13, 2020

A Fighter Until the End

She was a vibrant outgoing soul that did her best to overcome the effects of abuse, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression that caused her to harm herself,  and so much more. She was a brave and loving  and loyal Sister to us all. Around 12:06pm 8/13/2020, she was tragically cut short of her time here with us all, she collapsed and had a Stroke from the heat,  Heartache, and stress she was under. She recently was beaten into a wheelchair and unable to walk well on her own from her Artery in her left foot being ruptured, the temperature was °101 today, the day she passed away. Witness  account she was barely able to move herself well, grew tired and unable to push herself, began panting and crying to where she collapsed on E street and Marshall boulevard next to the SBX station. The bus driver that knew her accounted she was very brave and a true service to her country and her people. Her last memorable act of her undying  kindness and beautiful  heart was she gave a elderly Jamaican woman a brand new unused day pass to get to her job. She loved all and did what she could just to make anyone smile. She was more appreciated than she allowed herself to believe. At 11:50 a call was dispatched to 911 stating a blue haired woman had collapsed and fallen face first out of her Wheelchair.  When the Paramedics arrived on the scene her breathing had ceased. We believe as a family her heart simply stopped and couldn't go on because of her recent  abandonment and heart ache from her partner  leaving her. He threw her belongings at her  prior ex's house, hurt her in every way he could and lied to her and left her to starve. I'm not sure kf anyone in her condition would have survived. She will be having her wake and burial Sunday, August 16th 2020 @ Hermosa cemetery in Colton, CA at 9:30am. Her beauty will be forever entombed in the family mosoleum, Cole-Toft. We blame her now ex for this, but we blame above all her ex's Toxic, Psycho, manipulative, Abusive mother, we beliebe her name is Arcie. This woman mentally tortured Miranda. She told my beautiful Sister her Miscarriage was a fake,, she's nobody to talk, herself is a fake telling my Sister she had 2 baby skeletons floating in her to this day. That woman is a liar and an attention and pitty seeking whore. She and her son will be asked to leave the Inland Empire and unwelcome in Los Angeles even. They  have broken  a key rule you get beaten in jail and prison for,, I Christian  Mendoza am Marking them publicly as Woman abusers/beaters. They bruised her heart, soul, and nody, until she could no longer carry on.  They are spawns of Satan in our eyes,, not people anywhere near God. God would never be so cruel to such a giving and sweet heart. The woman said she would abuse Miranda physically,  she encouraged and raised her son to be this evil to Miranda. The woman is a sick liar with deep seeded mental issues. we believe he cheated on her and had no reason to ever abuse her the ways he did. She was in Tremendous pain in her heart before she died, we believe as a family she died of a broken heart because she loved him so much and was so alone in her final moments.

We as a Family know he never loved our beloved Sister/Daughter/Angel. If he did she would still be with us hanging on. Her body is currently at the morgue in Saint Bernadine Medical center. We wholeheartedly told the staff we believe he killed her. We all drove 120mph from Palm Desert California to say goodbye to our little Dark Horse.  She was supposed to finish so many beautiful things in life. She was about to Graduate college and become a Embalming tech. NOTHING hurts us more than her gray and purple lips. When she was alive they were the most beautiful rose pink. She was our beautiful rose taken far too soon from Abuse and Heartache. 

They knew she had a Heart condition, but they pushed her from the evil inside. We wish we brought her home sooner. We love you Miranda, all your Family and friends. 

She is with God and our late relatives. She is with her Grandpa she missed very much. We believe she's enjoying some fine smoke and playing Johnny Cash with him and God. Ring of Fire will be our Tribute to her Sunday. 

Her heart really was in a Ring of Fire.

They will go down, down, down, while her beautiful soul goes Higher with God.

We've you  Miranda,  you were taken too soon. A beautiful soul murdered by two cold hearted individuals. 

Family message to them: You killed her,  You are evil, You are not of God, Burn in hell a die. You killed our only girl. We will seek justice.  


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