The life & legacy of Marva Lynn Richardson

Date of BirthJune 01, 1961

Marva Lynn Richardson Obituary

Date of BirthJune 01, 1961


Date of DeathAugust 19, 2020

Marva Lynn Richardson Obituary

from Punta Cana, La Altagracia, Dominican Republic

Thursday June 1st 1967

I made my entry into the world. I am the third child born and the first daughter born. I was born in Denver, Co. I was born during the civil rights era and John F Kennedy was president. That particular year, the freedom riders were big making sure everyone knew segregated busing was unconstitutional.

Back to my story.

My mother told me that I was the most beautiful baby and to be honest, I loved to hear her say it. She would make sure I was dolled up and smelled good. My parents loved on me as did my brothers, Marquies Hamlet and Micheal Richardson. I was also blessed with three more brothers and sisters. Robert, Tasha, And Tonya.

My children were my world. What ever they could imagine or wanted I worked for it. Education was very important and not an option for them. I knew I was sometimes hard on them. By the way, even thoughI am not physically here with you- I still expect it! They have givin me the best grandchildren ever. I have Aliza that tonya has called little Marva, Elisha, Dorian and Taylor. I also have grand doggie Celeste. My children and I been inseparable forever. I was very protective of them.

In recent days

I have had some hard and weary days. My body was becoming more weak and frail. I fought hard until the very end. That’s a testimony of just how strong I was. Throughout this time, I kept the faith. I need you all to know I spoke to Jesus daily. He is my lord and savior.

                                           I LOVE YOU ALL!

                                                UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN.                                             

                                    NOTE: Program instructions given upon arrival.

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