Margaret Virginia Jolly  obituary

Margaret Virginia Jolly Obituary

Wilmington, Delaware, United States

March 07, 1923 - August 09, 2021

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Margaret Virginia Jolly  obituary

Margaret Virginia Jolly Obituary

Mar 07, 1923 - Aug 09, 2021

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Margaret Virginia King was born on a Wednesday, March 7, 1923. Parents Eugene King and Clara Wilson established a small farm in rural Cecil County, Maryland. One of five children, she was shy, timid, and inquistive. Margaret "Maggie" completed her formal education in Maryland. Maggie was welcomed by older siblings: Eugene, Clare, Martha, Emma, and Madeline. She was especially fond of her older sister Madeline they were best friends and inseparable. In early 1930's, she embarked on a new unexpected adventure when friends introducted her to then; an unknown man from Brunswick County, Lawrenceville, Virginia. George Wilbert Jolly he was the son of George Robert Jolly and Sister Allen.

While newly married the couple relocated to Wilmington, Delaware. Together the couple raised five children: Lois, George" Waleed", Clarence, Arthur, and Michael. Upon arrival the newly weds set roots on McCauley Street on Wilmington's Eastside. Shortly after, additonal family members arrived; each setting out with determination to make something out of themselves rather than farming. As the children grew, the family relocated to the Northeast corridor of Wilmington residing on 26th Street "Speakman Place". While there, Maggie worked two jobs to support her family, earning enough money to purchase a five bedroom 1 and 1/2 bathroom house located 532 Vandever Ave. She set occupational footprints into the fabric of Daybreak Lodge now Parkview Nursing Home for more than 30 years as a Certified Nurse Assistant. While failing to exceed educational prospects after the twelfth grade. Maggie's dedication to her family's education and service to her community was ingrained into future generations. In 1985, she retired from Daybreak Lodge and began working with children as a foster grandparent.

Her husband George Wilbert Jolly was employed with the City of Wilmington for more than twenty-five years. In 1971, he succummbed to self-inflicted liver disease. Clarence succumbed to cardiac disease in the early 1990's. Proceeding his demise, his wife Patricia fell short of expected years. Arthur relocated to Columbus, Ohio where he sucummbed to complication of diabetes and heart disease on May 9, 2011.

She was a silent giant! An epic story-with strength that moved mountains. Silently resisting oppression, she was was determined to stomp and inevitably trample upon: Jim Crow, segregation, unfair wages and taxes, mortgage redlining, and busing, to propel her family forward. These efforts were realized in her work ethic that public records fails to report an era of unemployment. Maggie's infectious character invited neighborhood children and adults to her home; adopting each, they too referred to her as "Gramps". Respected as a silent giant of passive non-aggressive movement, she instilled into her grand sons and daughters many of whom are collegiate achievers and effective wage earners the art of resistence that breeds results. Resistence is the refusal to accept or comply with something; the attempt to prevent something by action or argument. Today a controversy has been quelled as she reamins the undefeated champion of grandmothers.

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Funeral Details:
11 A.M
August 19, 2021
Congo Legacy Center , 2801 West 28th Street , Wilmington, Delaware
Details: Repass to follow...............................



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