Lyons   Maxson  obituary

Lyons Maxson Obituary

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States

January 12, 1923 - June 03, 2013

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Lyons   Maxson  obituary

Lyons Maxson Obituary

Jan 12, 1923 - Jun 03, 2013

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In the name of Lyons Maxson

Lyons Maxson , 90, of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, passed on June 03, 2013. Lyons was born on January 12, 1923.

Lyons Maxson, son of Troy Maxson, died from Lung cancer, which he had suffered with for 20 years. Before Lyons Maxson passed, he lived his life as a successful musician he had always wanted to become. Before his success, he had to finish his time in jail, approximately 3 years of punishment, for cashing other people's checks in order to get where he wanted to be as a musician. When he finished his time, he was finally free, and at that time he was 42 years old. Lyons had finally learned from his mistakes that he should do things the right way and trust in himself. He also decided to break off his bad habits, which one of them were drinking, as his father Troy was a literal alcoholic, he did not want to end up in the same path as his father did. His first step to success was to reunite with his previous group members, and from there work his way up. The group preformed to small audiences in order to grow their way up. It took 3 years exactly for the group to finally get recognized. Until a company, called Jazz Bazz Co., reached out to the group and offered them a 10-year contract to form an official group and to become musicians. Lyons and his group members were so thrilled when they were offered a contract and they accepted the 10-year contract, in which was the beginning of a dream. Lyons and his group members were asked to think of an official name for the group, and after discussing, they decided to be "The Dreamers." Which had a huge significance behind it, the word "dreamers" referring to Lyons and his group members dream of becoming successful musicians. As time went on, "The Dreamers" released their first hit album called "Rising" which is when they started to slowly gain hundreds and thousands of fans. Lyons dream as a musician, was to perform at the biggest arena in Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania Arena, which seated up to 50,000 people. But Lyons, who was actually the leader of the group, knew that it would take a while to be able to perform at the biggest venue in his hometown. Apart from being a full-time musician, Lyons enjoyed helping people in his hometown, so he would usually go to the town in which his dad and family lived in and handed out food and necessities for people who needed it. He also enjoyed taking care of his uncle Gabriel, who was his dad's brother, he specially had a strong bond with his uncle Gabriel because he suffered from a disability. So, he would constantly check in with his uncle and take care of him when he could. He also loved to visit his little brother Cory and Rose, who was his father's wife. Rose was not his biological mother, but she was always good to Lyons, so he admired her and saw her as a mother figure, basically looked up to her. Years and years passed by and "The Dreamers'' became one of the top #1 groups in the world, the group completed up to 5 world tours in multiple different countries including, France, Italy, Greece, etc.,. After the 10-year contract was over, Lyons was already 56, but because his passion to music grew throughout those 10 years, he decided to continue his life as a musician and the company extended their contract another 20 years. The world loved Lyons and his group members so much because their music helped people overcome struggled and continue fighting in life in order to survive. Lyons lived so happily and in peace for years knowing that he had become what he always wanted to become. Until he hit the age of 70, when he was diagnosed with lung cancer. But despite being sick, he continued his journey as a musician, despite his cancer. At the age of 75, Lyons received the news that Pennsylvania Arena, his dream place to perform at, had invited "The Dreamer" to perform a special show there and Lyons nearly fainted from the news, because for years, that's where he dreamed of preforming at. The performance was shortly put together and announced to the public. Tickets were put on sale and in just 30 minutes, all 50,000 tickets were sold. Which was the moment in which Lyons realized how far he had come in life. After the performance at Pennsylvania Arena, Lyons felt at ease, and like he had fulfilled every single wish and dream he had in life. He came to conclusion with his group members that it was time to retire despite having 15 years left, which was a lot, considering that Lyons and his group members were already at the age of retirement. So, he retired and moved into his retirement home in his hometown in Pennsylvania where his dad was from and where he basically lived his whole life, where he rested the rest of his years to live at ease, with his little brother taking care of him, till his very last breath. Which was in 2013, when he passed from lung cancer in his retirement home. But despite having suffered from cancer for years, he fulfilled his life wishes and passed at ease knowing that he fulfilled his life to its fullest.

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