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Rest In Eternal Peace

Date of Birth May 16, 1953

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Date of Passing August 06, 2019

Linda K Olsen

from Marshalltown, Iowa, United States



Linda K. Olsen

May 16, 1953 – August 6, 2019 


Linda K. Olsen, daughter of the late Charles and Arlene Olsen, was born May 16, 1953 in Marshalltown, IA. She attended the public schools of Marshall County.  From an early age, she had a profound respect and love for nature and the outdoors. She spent much time at the family cabin on the Lake of the Woods in Ontario, Canada.  These moments at the cabin were among her favorite memories and would have a lasting impact on the woman she would become.


As a young adult, Linda worked in multiple roles with one of the largest midwestern modeling agencies in the U.S. where she was recognized for her beauty and made her way onto the pages of magazines and other print media for national fashion retailers.  At one point in her career, Linda was invited to represent one of the leading international hair care companies and beauty design schools, Paul Mitchell. Paul Mitchell was known for leading the industry in hair design and avant garde hairstyles since the 1980’s.  On one occasion, Linda was selected to participate in a demonstration at a hair show, where her stylist clipped away to demonstrate the up and coming designs. When her stylist completed his work of art, the audience applauded, leaving Linda to cope with one of the most dreadful hairstyles of her life.


Linda was a fearless, resilient, and responsible woman who epitomized the saying, “when the going gets tough, the tough get going.”  She was also selfless and caring and possessed a strong affection for people, children, and animals. Once, walking along the shores of Rampart Reservoir in Pikes National Forest, a favorite place where she and her husband Kirk enjoyed fishing and hiking, they were confronted by an aggressive dog, who came running full speed toward them from a distance.  Kirk was nervous, but Linda calmly and fearlessly crouched down to meet the dog face-to-face. The dog stopped a few feet in front of her, relinquishing all aggression.


Linda was also very creative and possessed many talents. She was able to come up with ideas when others were stumped. She seemed to have the ability to create something out of nothing. Most of all, she was fun to be with, had a wonderful sense of humor and brought great joy to others. She will be missed.


Like most of us, Linda faced many of life's challenges with enthusiasm and zest, but like all of us, she was human and made mistakes, often daunted by the magnitude of the struggles.  None of us are invincible. Linda fought alcoholism throughout her adult life. She would claim victory over most of life’s trials, though at times, she succumbed to the awful disease, which rendered her into something that she was not, nor wanted to be. 


Linda had a pure heart and a love that she gave freely.  Later in life, she came to know a compassionate and forgiving God who loved her in a way that every devoted Christian knows. She loved her Heavenly Father like her earthly father, and leaned on Him during difficult times.  She had a personal relationship with Christ who provided her with what she needed and worked diligently to fill in the cracks that made her human. Linda had perseverance which built character, and she had hope in God’s work, but He had other plans for her in heaven as she passed away on August 6th from complications of COPD.  Linda wanted more than anything to be without blemish, but as we all know, we all fall short.  God’s work will continue.


Linda is survived by her loving husband, Kirk Woolsey; her brother Craig Olsen (Sherri); her son Brett Hotz (Jennifer, kids Sabin, Hannah, Jordan and Brooklyn); her daughter Mackenzie Mesher (Mike);  Kirk’s daughter, Rebecca Smith; and other extended family members.

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