Lexus Ann Martinez-Vukich-Gaudynski obituary

Lexus Ann Martinez-Vukich-Gaudynski Obituary

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States

January 17, 2005 - May 22, 2019

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Lexus Ann Martinez-Vukich-Gaudynski obituary

Lexus Ann Martinez-Vukich-Gaudynski Obituary

Jan 17, 2005 - May 22, 2019

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A life well lived

aka Lex or alligator, grey bear, mama, mamas, roo, miss piggy, old lady baby, baby butt, snuggle bug, my little furnace. 

Doghter to Kristin Gaudynski. Grand-doghter to Jeff, Lori Gaudynski, Amy Kay and Carmen Aldana. God-Doghter to Crystal Vorac (Briggs). Loved by Jon Ertl, Jada Bear, Uncle Bob, Aunt Lisa, Lexi Klusmann and soo many others! Cousin love with Bennett (her first and favorite boy), Tyler, Tori, Rex, Leo, Emma (her favorite girl), Nora, Charlotte and Levi. 

Her biggest fear was water, her favorite animal was cats. She loved to watch Animal Planet, Too Cute being one of her favs. My all-time favorite memory is when we finally got her to give water a chance, in this particular case it was a lake and she ended up just loving it. Running around chasing the waves and fish, you could just see the pure joy in her face. One thing I was never able to break her of was eating my dirty Kleenex! If that is the worst, I'll take it. 

Without even knowing it Lexus was a huge in fighting against pit bull stereotyping. I can't tell you how many people in our lives she has won over with her loving kind nature that these people had no choice but to change their mind regarding Pitbull breed. From my dad, to my friends, to my nana, to my neighbors. Lexus is the perfect example of it's not the breed it's how you raise them. 

 If anyone knows me they know how much Lexus meant to me. She wasn't just my dog or my pet, she was my child, my baby, my best friend, my constant companion. Everywhere I went she went. She rarely missed a holiday, family dinner or a chance for me to dress her up for Halloween. What I am going to miss the most is her warmth, her soft face and her smell. I'm going to miss waking her up in the morning. I'm going to miss have her in my passenger seat because she was my true ride or die. Lexus came into my life right before my 21st birthday and has been by my side through every adult moment in my life thus far. The things I've done and the choices I made always revolved around her. She's the one that kept me going through college, long nights of her sitting by myside as I did my flashcards. I would have never bought a house right out of college, except for the fact my baby deserved a yard and home where she didn't need to be kenneled. I also never would have gotten a cat either, but she loves them and I love her so along came Graham. Every morning before I would leave work I would say the same thing "mommy's going to work to make money to take care of us", US being the key word. Life has never been just about me, until now. 

 Lexus passed away peacefully at home with me, her mom, thanks to Lap of Love Veterinary Hospice. She will leave behind her friends Sadie (the Ivory to her Ebony) and Princess, both part of her "pack". Jada Bear, Sasha, Archie, Riley and Winnie. But I find great comfort in her reuniting with her kitty Graham and friends Comet, Boozer, Princess, Buddy, Spook and Tink.

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