John Stephen Madarasz IV obituary

John Stephen Madarasz IV Obituary

Sanibel, Florida, United States

August 15, 1932 - April 09, 2019

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John Stephen Madarasz IV obituary

John Stephen Madarasz IV Obituary

Aug 15, 1932 - Apr 09, 2019

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Romantically married over 63 years

Romantically married over 63 years
Noted Cardio-Thoracic surgeon

Sanibel, FL. - Prayers requested for the repose of the soul of John Stephen Madarasz IV, a sensual romantic boyfriend of Victoria Papalis Alansky, more than 14 years his junior, whom he had a 30 plus year affair with, leaving him before his final breath, dying of metastatic prostate cancer spreading to the liver and bones, caused by a mid-life vasectomy that he opposed reversing, even after direct spiritual counsel, on Tuesday, April 9th, 2019 in Sanibel, FL.

As a secondary cause of death, Jack secretly suffered from arrhythmia since he was 60. Regular ablations typically only worked 18 months. Many syncoptic events are recorded up til the time of death.

John's grandfather died of pancreatic cancer, dying quickly after diagnosis. John's father had Lewy Body Parkinson's disease, with no mental cognition for the last 10 years of his life.

John was given a 2 year warning by the Most Holy Trinity with a PSA rising to 7 in mid-2017. He received a 1 year notice with an objective scan of metastatic cancer to at least T10 and other places in March 2018 with PSA going into its final continued escalation in June of 2018. Finally, John Stephen received a stern 6 month foreshadowing detailed by one of his colleagues, Dr. Stuart Leitner at Saint Barnabas Hospital, begging him to at least get genetic testing for the sake of his sons, given his dire condition, as of December 2018, ASAP. Impending termination of life was confirmed with a body scan showing cancer everywhere and PSA that could not be controlled, even with aggressive care, in January of 2019. This normally necessitates cessation of all FDA approved therapy, but John leveraged his credentials for heroic care to the end, continuing the beseeching with the ER docs for aggressive care 72 hours before his personal judgment, as noted in the medical records.
With full mental clarity throughout the extended end of life cycle, continuing vast attempts to sway relatives to leave the fullness of His truth, there was no shred of evidence of change of moral and spiritual ineptitude, not even notice to the only Church Jesus Christ founded.

Not believing that Down's syndrome babies should live, when presented with operating on his nephew, Stephen, whom had atrioventricular septal defect, he claimed it would be extraordinary means and not worth the effort to improve the quality of life and extend the prognosis of his brother' son. Nevertheless, with a congenital heart defect that is an easy surgical fix, Stephen, with full ability to give and receive love, ending up living past 40 years of age, dying in October 2009.

Father Groeschel, one of John's offspring's best friend’s uncle by marriage, got in an accident in Miami, Florida in January of 2004. Father Groeschel was in intensive care for weeks. When John was notified by one of his offspring that the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal were bringing First Class Relics from NY to the Hospital, Jack claimed “Is Groeschel that bad?”

In January 2011, Catholic Family New had a cover story by Randy Engel – “Don’t give your heart away”, about the ethical problems with heart transplants that was sent to 2 Talbot Court. This was sent as part of Catholic Family News’s market expansion program, they send out 1000 papers each month to potential subscribers. John thought this was from whom he thought at the family’s “Catholic marauders” and subsequently went on the hunt for the culprits. When confirmed and informed of the marketing plan, John was offered a free subscription so we could have a monthly family conversation on each Catholic Family News issue. He would have nothing of this and quickly sent the heart transplant cover issue of Catholic Family News to one of the Madarasz family Catholic Traditionalists.

On Labor Day Weekend 2012, Madarasz Crusaders along with family friends planted packages of blessed Catholic Sacramentals, that included a Saint Benedict Medal, Miraculous Medal, Exorcism Oil, Exorcism Salt, Palms and other medals, around the property at 2 Talbot. That same Christmas Eve Jack Madarasz was taken to Saint Barnabas Hospital because of internal bleeding. The Heart expert was on Coumadin for his hip pain and began taking Alleve and was becoming the Color Purple on the birthday of Our Lord. Jack ended up convalescing for over a week during the Octave of the birth of our Lord and Savior, the God/Man Jesus Christ. When informed of what happened, Jack got audibly agitated and would not give credit to the Spirit World for his evident confusion in his self-care, nor would he AAA personality reflect on his life.
On Christmas 2016, one of his relatives presented John with a medallion that had been touched to over 175 First Class Catholic Saint Relics. John adamantly refused to succumb to this heavenly assistance. Interestingly, Jack's slow secularly obvious march to Eternity began shorly thereafter.

The son of John Stephen Hanusovsky Madarasz III and Cecelia Walsh Higgins, born in Bayonne on August 15, 1932.

Grandson of John Stephen Grenus Madarasz Jr. and Leiza Kopaszova Hanusovsky and John Lawrence Harrington Higgins and Catherine McGuire Walsh.

One of Attila's clan with direct heritage traced to Kiralyhelmec, Hungary, now called Kráľovský Chlmec, Slovakia, presently near Uzhhorod, Ukraine.

Maternal Walsh family traced to Redhills, Kilduff, County Cavan, Ireland, on the border of Northern Ireland.

Higgins roots from Ballymacoda, Electoral Division of Kilmacdonogh, the Civil Parish of Kilmacdonogh, the Barony of Imokilly, the County of Cork, in Southwestern Ireland.

Paternal Haplogroup traced to N-Y28860 as of December 25, 2019. Maternal ancestry tracked to W5a1a1.

John met Margaret Lorraine Barron Greene Murrin Langan on a Catholic school trip to Rome in 1950, arriving in Liverpool on July 9, 1950 aboard the S.S. Liguria, departing from Cherburg, France on July 27, 1950 on the S.S. Roma, arriving in New York on August 7, 1950. They married on the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel in 1955 in South Orange; presided by Peggy's cousin, the future Monsignor, Father Bernard Moran celebrating the High Requiem Nuptial Mass and Our Lady of Sorrows Pastor, Rev. Thomas Donnelly reading the Vatican Papal Blessing of the Sacred Sacramental Marriage. Failed Annulment allowed Jack and Peg to remain married for over 63 years, with a close romantic relationship for almost 70 years.

The smitten couple honeymooned to Bermuda where Stephen was conceived.

Graduate of Xavier High School, Manhattan, NY, '49, Holy Cross College, Worcester, MA, '53, and Cornell Medical School, Manhattan, NY, '57. Stephen and John where born in NYC while at Cornell. Trained closely under the renowned Monte Lawrence MD, listed as one of the top 100 African-Americans, at University of Iowa "Hawkeye" Hospital in Iowa City, 1958-1963, where Thomas Patrick, Margaret Lorraine and Elizabeth Ann were born. He stated that "Monte is the best surgeon I have ever worked with, hands down". Served the US Army in San Juan (1964-1965), where Michael Francis was born and finished training at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit (1965-1967), where Kathleen Regina entered.

The personal surgeon to the "thug" families since he would not sell out - "Hey doc, let this one go".

Growing up at 870 Avenue C, Bayonne, he raised six of his seven children with his doting wife on Tennyson Drive in Short Hills, the couple retired to Talbot Court at the top of the hill in Short Hills in 1990, buying the residence from his father's estate.

Summers with the Langan in-laws down the shore at Spring Lake on Vroom Ave., the fall found Jack, as child, eating hot dogs at Coney Island. The major cross of his life was his handicap, belonging to Canoe Brook Country Club, Baltustrol and Sanibel Island Golf Club. Traveled the world visiting 125 countries, hitting every cultural site possible, playing golf on every continent without ever being able to be handicapped in any country or continent. None of his three daughters ever got a sun tan on any trip with World Wind Tours travel guide. Put “two straight across” at every race, thereby getting the winning ticket always. Visited the relatives in the “Old Country” regularly.

An Ivy League trained medical doctor, he was a staunch advocate of contraception, especially surgical vasectomy, and euthanasia, as was his medical doctor father. As he rode the slow prostatic cancer train, consuming Viagra and Cialis all the way, towards his final exam, even with the whistle blowing, he never glanced back at Our Lord, even rejecting the final offer of a Catholic Priest as the final beats of his heart were being counted; rejecting Food for the Journey and the Apostolic Pardon. His wife's hair dresser, John Madarasz's personal concubine, left his side before the final thousand respiration's commenced. Masses, prayers, devotions and fasting are begged for the repose of his soul.

Preceded in death by child Stephen on February 22, 1956, survived by brother Lawrence Higgins Madarasz, an NYU PhD Contemporary American History professor; and offspring, John Stephen DDS (Barbara Susan Delong- Carolyn Marie, Claire Jannette, John Stephen), Thomas Patrick Wealth Manager (Antionetta M Ricci - Richard Morgan, Ryan Patrick), Margaret Lorraine (Peter John Cook - Erin Marie (Kevin Thompson), Stewart Peter ( Gabrielle Hartman) , York Christian Tyler), Elizabeth Ann (David Alan Thompson - Sarah, Allan Kerr), Michael Francis and Kathleen Regina (Earnest).

Relatives & Friends kindly attended the visitation at August F. Schmidt Memorial Funeral Home, 139 Westfield Ave., Elizabeth on Sunday from 2-4 & 6-8 PM.

The Service was on Monday, 4/15/19, at 11:00 AM at St. James the Apostle, 45 South Springfield Ave., Springfield.

Officiated by Father Joseph F. Barbone with Deacon Michael Pontontiero assisting. Readings were Eccelsiates 3:1-8,14 - A time and a season for everything, Psalm 23, Saint Paul to the Romans 14:7-9, 10c-12 - whether we live or die, we are the Lord's, John 14:17-27 - Jesus, the Resurrection and the life . Songs included Amazing Grace, Shepherd me, O God, Here I am Lord, Be Not Afraid, with the Offertory song being Schubert's Ave Maria, all sung by Denise.

None of these biblical reading selections nor gospel passage are in the Funeral Lectionary of the Latin Rite of the Roman Catholic Church, nor have they ever been. The first step in the spiritual life is obedience.

Full body Internment at Saint Gertrude Cemetery in Colonia NJ. Single plot, single grave burial - Block 11, Section B, Pier A, Grave 3.

Taking his last breath all by himself; buried alone.

A memorial breakfast will be held at the Good Day Café in Golden Valley, MN on Thursday April 9th, 2020 at 9:00 am.

[email protected]

You can to the family or in memory of John Madarasz IV.


Funeral Details:
10:00 am
April 15, 2019
Saint James the Apostle Catholic Church, Springfield, NJ
Burial Details:
April 15, 2019
Saint Gertrude Catholic Cemetery, Colonia, NJ



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