Donald  Gene Koch  obituary

Donald Gene Koch Obituary

Franklin, Iowa, United States

December 28, 1943 - September 25, 2023

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Donald  Gene Koch  obituary

Donald Gene Koch Obituary

Dec 28, 1943 - Sep 25, 2023

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Racing through life and crossed the finish line

Donald Koch, beloved husband, father, grandfather, and friend, passed away on September 25, 2023, in Franklin, Iowa, at the age of 79. Born on December 28, 1943, to Johnny and Stella Koch, Don lived a remarkable life filled with love, laughter, and tireless support for his family and community.

A true family man, Don leaves behind his adoring wife, Barbara, who stood by his side through thick and thin, sharing countless memories and experiences. Together, they raised two wonderful children, Jennifer and Johnathan, who brought immeasurable joy and pride to their lives.

Don was not only a loving father but also a doting grandfather. Although we cannot mention the grandchild's name, it is clear that Don cherished and embraced every moment of being a grandparent, leaving behind a lasting legacy of love for future generations.

Education played a significant role in Don's life, and he attended Central Lee High School, where he gained knowledge, life-long friends, and an unwavering passion for learning. This foundation helped shape the intelligent, compassionate, and charismatic individual we all knew and loved.

Don dedicated many devoted years to his career at Fruehauf, where he excelled in his role, leaving a lasting impact on his colleagues. Beyond his professional endeavors, Don was a beacon of light within the United Automobile Workers (UAW) organization. His influential leadership and unwavering support benefited countless individuals and served as a testament to his dedication to bettering the lives of others.

With a magnetic personality, Don's infectious smile and warm demeanor could brighten any room. He was known for his witty jokes, his love for music, and his passion for exploring new adventures. Don made friends wherever he went, leaving behind countless cherished memories and a ripple effect of positivity in his wake.

Unfortunately, Don's journey came to an end due to complications caused by Pneumonia. While we mourn his loss deeply, let us also remember the joy he brought to our lives and the loving legacy he leaves behind.

As we bid farewell to Donald Koch, let us celebrate the remarkable man he was — the loving husband, the caring father, and the devoted friend. While he may no longer be physically with us, his memory will forever reside in our hearts, reminding us to approach life with love, laughter, and a lighthearted spirit, just as he did.

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