Deonte   Dent  obituary

Deonte Dent Obituary

Birmingham, Alabama, United States

August 22, 1990 - September 09, 2023

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Deonte   Dent  obituary

Deonte Dent Obituary

Aug 22, 1990 - Sep 09, 2023

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Here lies Deonte Dent, a man who always took life with a truckload of laughter and a dash of mischief. Born on August 22, 1990, in Birmingham, Alabama, Deonte made the world his stage, leaving tire tracks of joy wherever he went.

Deonte's parents, McArthur L. Dent and Celestine Parker, were undoubtedly blessed with a bundle of mischief when Deonte entered their lives. From a young age, Deonte's mischievous charm was apparent as he engineer'd countless pranks and hijinks around the house, keeping his parents and neighbors on high alert.

Education was a journey that Deonte approached with his foot on the gas pedal. He attended Erwin High School, where he brought hilarity to the classroom with his quick wit and contagious laughter. It's rumored that the school's motto was changed from "Strive for Excellence" to "Strive for Excellence, but don't forget to chuckle along the way" in honor of Deonte.

Professionally, Deonte found his calling as a truck driver, traversing the highways with an infectious smile on his face and a honk of joy emanating from the truck. He transformed the seemingly mundane job into a comedy routine, leaving everyone he encountered in stitches. Deonte's deliveries were never late, and if they were, it was only because he took a detour to spread his unique brand of laughter to unsuspecting towns.

On September 9, 2023, the heavens gained a mischievous angel when Deonte succumbed to an asthma attack. The irony of him leaving this world due to a lack of air was not lost on those who knew him. We can only imagine him up there, cracking jokes and playing pranks on fellow celestial beings.

Though Deonte had no children of his own, he was as much a father figure to his friends as McArthur was to him. His contagious laughter and mischievous spirit will forever live on in the hearts of all who were lucky enough to know him.

As we gather to bid farewell to our beloved prankster, let us remember to laugh in the face of sadness, dance in the midst of grief, and cherish the memories we shared with Deonte Dent, a man who truly knew how to live life one joke at a time.

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Funeral Details:
11:00 am
September 16, 2023
Ensley Church Of Christ , 1339 Avenue S , Birmingham, Al



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