Denise Sharee Mowambe obituary

Denise Sharee Mowambe Obituary

Brooklyn, New York, United States

January 12, 1950 - September 02, 2023

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Denise Sharee Mowambe obituary

Denise Sharee Mowambe Obituary

Jan 12, 1950 - Sep 02, 2023

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A life well lived

Denise, a devoted mother, loving grandmother, and an extraordinary woman, has left this world, leaving behind cherished memories and a legacy that will forever live on. She was born on January 1st, 1950, to Rande and Patricia in Guyana, South America. With heavy hearts, we announce her passing on September 2nd surrounded by her beloved family.

Denise dedicated her life to raising and nurturing her four children, Troy, Nigel, Burto and Susan, imparting in them invaluable values of love, compassion, and determination. She was a steadfast pillar of strength who selflessly prioritized her family's well-being above all else. Denise's role as a mother was both an honor and a responsibility she wholeheartedly embraced.

As a grandmother, Denise adored her twelve grandchildren, each capturing a special place in her heart. She played an instrumental role in imparting wisdom, instilling family traditions, and creating timeless memories. Her love for her grandchildren was immeasurable, and her presence in their lives will forever be cherished.

Denise's unwavering commitment and strong work ethic shone brightly throughout her entire life. She tirelessly pursued her dreams while supporting her family, working diligently to provide a better future for her loved ones. As an inspiration to all who knew her, Denise demonstrated resilience, determination, and a remarkable sense of perseverance. Her unwavering spirit will continue to guide and motivate those who were blessed to have crossed paths with her.

Although her busy life revolved around her loved ones, Denise always found time for her passions and hobbies. She had an innate love for cooking and spent countless hours experimenting in the kitchen, creating flavorful dishes that brought joy to many. Additionally, her green thumb was evident in her beautiful garden, where she would spend blissful moments tending to blooming flowers and lush plants.

Beyond her roles as a mother, grandmother, and her personal interests, Denise was also an active member of her community. She selflessly extended her help to neighbors and friends, showcasing her caring and giving nature. Her contributions to society have undoubtedly facilitated positive change and enriched the lives of many.

Denise's departure leaves an enormous void in the lives of those who loved her. However, her memory will forever remain etched in our hearts. In moments of sorrow, we find solace in the profound impact her life had on ours. Denise's unwavering love, unwavering dedication, and unwavering spirit will be celebrated and remembered. She leaves behind countless memories and a profound love that will continue to inspire and guide us. Denise is survived by her children, grandchildren, extended family, and friends, all of whom will carry her legacy forward. May she rest in eternal peace, knowing that her love and influence remain imprinted on the hearts of all who had the privilege of knowing her.

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