David K Binda obituary

David K Binda Obituary

Providence, Rhode Island, United States

July 04, 1946 - October 18, 2023

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David K Binda obituary

David K Binda Obituary

Jul 04, 1946 - Oct 18, 2023

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A life well lived

David Binda, 77, of Providence, Rhode Island, left this world on October 18, 2023, surrounded by a loving family, lots of laughter, and countless fond memories. Born on July 4, 1946, he lived a life that was as colorful as the fireworks that would light up the sky on his birthday.

David had an infectious zest for life and a smile that could light up any room. Known for his mischievous sense of humor, he had a unique ability to turn even the most mundane situations into moments of laughter and joy. His quick wit and witty one-liners could brighten anyone's day, and he truly believed that laughter was the best medicine.

One could always count on David to have a funny story or a clever joke up his sleeve. His puns were legendary, often leaving his loved ones groaning and rolling their eyes, but secretly loving every moment. He had a way of finding the humor in life's ups and downs and taught us all not to take ourselves too seriously.

David had an array of hobbies that brought him immense joy. He loved gardening and had a knack for turning even the tiniest patch of soil into a flourishing paradise. His gardens were not only filled with beautiful flowers and bountiful fruits, but also sprinkled with laughter-filled conversations and shared memories.

Never one to sit idle, David also had a passion for adventure. From epic road trips across the country to impromptu kayak outings on the nearby river, he embraced every opportunity to explore and experience new things. He believed that life was meant to be lived to the fullest, and he exemplified that in his daily adventures.

David's love for music was contagious. He could often be found singing along to his favorite tunes with an enthusiastic air guitar performance. His eclectic taste in music got everyone on their feet, dancing and singing along, creating a soundtrack of joy wherever he went.

David's greatest joy, however, came from his family and friends. He cherished every moment spent with his beloved wife, children, and grandchildren. He was their rock, their biggest cheerleader, and the one who always knew how to put a smile on their faces. His immense love and unwavering support will forever be cherished and remembered.

David Binda, a man with an unwavering zest for life, has left an indelible mark on all those who had the privilege of knowing him. As we bid him farewell, let us celebrate the light he brought into our lives and carry his spirit of laughter and adventure with us always.

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Funeral Details:
1:00 p.m.
October 26, 2023
Saint Stephen’s Episcopal Church, 114 George street , Providence, Rhode Island
Details: Please be respectful of the all black dress Code during this time. Complimentary food and drinks will be in the church basement .



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