Dallas null Anderson obituary

Dallas Anderson Obituary

Dallas, Utah, United States

January 01, 2016 - October 24, 2016

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Dallas null Anderson obituary

Dallas Anderson Obituary

Jan 01, 2016 - Oct 24, 2016

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Dallas Anderson1956 - 2014Smithfield - Dallas G. Anderson, 58, died peacefully in his sleep this week. He was born on Jan. 29, 1956, and left us on July 8, 2014.Dallas was born in Colorado to Dole and Jackie Anderson. He spent his early youth in Kansas and his later childhood in Brigham City. He returned nearly every summer to the family farm in Kansas to be with his beloved grandparents, Goldie and Edward Anderson (deceased), where he loved to hunt for pheasants, catch fireflies and eat Grandma Goldie's famous pie. He graduated from Box Elder High School and then attended Utah State University for a year - which was primarily a year as a frat boy. He never lost his frat-boy party approach to life, which made him fun to be around.Dallas was married to the love of his life for 32 years, Janet Bradshaw. Dallas loved his wife and would follow her around through her whirlwind life just so he could be by her side. Although they struggled during the last couple of years, they were forever bonded and continued to help each other through life's ups and downs. Dallas took extreme pride in his incredible boys, Gabe (21) and Dane (18). We are comforted knowing Dallas enjoyed celebrating Dane's 18th birthday from his front row seat in heaven this week.Dallas taught his boys to love and seek adventure as much as he did -much to the chagrin of Janet - which resulted in multiple stitches, breaks, braces, slings and crutches. He gave his boys a love of reptiles and taught Janet to tolerate them. He taught Janet and his boys to fish with spinners where they all enjoyed catching bass, croppie and trout. Dallas found the most peace while fishing meandering streams. Dallas could do anything and was never afraid to try something new. He wanted the biggest and best of everything - which is why he chose his bride, Janet, who was 3 inches taller and blessed with a strong drive and passion. He supported her through her BS, MS and her careers, which meant he had many family duties. He made a mean breakfast every morning for his boys, a memory they will cherish for their entire lives and pass on to their children. Dallas often found it a challenge to live with a wife who is a dietitian and often "begged" for a big sloppy burger.Grandma Goldie (103 years old) was dearly loved by Dallas and continued to serve as his "mother figure" after he lost his mother several years ago. Dallas so enjoyed her company and found great joy in helping make her life easier by doing things such as installing low hooks and towel racks. He lovingly massaged her back and shoulders to relieve her pain every time he was with her. Other beloved women in his life included his sisters, Sabrina Richards and Sheri Dinkle (Mike), his niece Tara Bellamy and her daughters, and stepmother Grandma Jo (Joanne Anderson). He was mostly tolerant of his goofy sisters-in-law Julie Anderson, Linda Hunter, Laura Roper and Valerie Bradshaw and his mother-in-law Shirley Bradshaw. He tolerated his time with the Bradshaw girls along with his brothers-in-law Daryl Anderson, Mark Hunter, Strat Roper and John Bradshaw. He enjoyed raising the blood pressure of his father-in-law Darrell T. Bradshaw by discussing different political views. Dallas saw the world differently than most people. He didn't like to live life in the traditional box - he always found more to life outside the box. Although this got in his way at times, he was happy out there. He was very open with his opinions and not pretentious at all. He loved to make people laugh and would help a stranger anywhere if they looked like they needed it.Dallas and his family loved exploring, which took them on many trips to places including Tahiti, Hawaii and Mexico. He taught both of his boys to scuba dive and to love the ocean and the creatures of the sea. He delighted Janet by catching the creatures and bringing them to the surface to her. Dallas loved great beer in a big stein surrounded by friends. He had a great love for the beauty of nature and thanked God for this gift. He spent much time in the mountains hiking, skiing and biking. He loved tinkering in his shop and owned every tool possible.Dallas dearly loved his annual fishing trip to Lake Powell fishing with his father, which they continued to do even when he had to carry his dad onto the boat. He loved a glass of wine in the warm summer evenings on the front porch with Janet, dinner club with dear friends, flying airplanes and scuba diving. His most favorite trip was with the boys and Janet to Hawaii, where they once saw a family memorializing a family member's ashes in a fresh lava flow - which is how Janet and the boys will memorialize Dallas in March when they return to spread his ashes in a beloved place. Despite preferring a party to celebrate his life, his family will receive beloved community members at an informal visitation from 5:30-7 p.m. on Monday, July 14, at the Allen Mortuary of North Logan, 420 E. 1800 North. The family asks that you write a memory of Dallas to share with his boys. They adored their father and will use these writings to learn more about him. Condolences may be sent to the family at www.allenmortuaries.net.
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