Claude   Braxton Jr. obituary

Claude Braxton Jr. Obituary

Elkridge, Maryland, United States

November 22, 1935 - December 31, 2024

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Claude   Braxton Jr. obituary

Claude Braxton Jr. Obituary

Nov 22, 1935 - Dec 31, 2024

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We regret to inform the world of the passing of Claude Braxton Jr., a man of many talents and even more opinions. Born on November 22, 1935, in Elkridge, Maryland, Claude lived a life full of bold statements and questionable decisions.

Claude was the son of Claude Braxton and Beatrice Braxton, who surely must have been proud of the man he became. In 1962, he married Shirley Braxton, a woman with a saintly amount of patience to put up with his constant lectures and debates. Together, they had one child, Claude, who wisely married Meredith, likely in an attempt to escape his father's lengthy monologues.

Claude was a man of many careers, including chef, cab driver, historian, and debater. His time in the Army likely honed his skills in arguing, as well as his ability to eat questionable rations without complaint.

Despite his many passions, like fishing, singing, cooking, and feeding the hungry, Claude will perhaps be best remembered for his ability to spin a tale. Whether you wanted to hear it or not, Claude was always ready to regale you with a long-winded story about the Civil War or the best way to cook a fish.

His commitment to feeding the needy was commendable, even if his methods were often eccentric. His insistence on debating the ethics of poverty while handing out sandwiches was truly something to behold.

At least now, Claude can finally rest in peace, his arguments silenced in death. Perhaps now he can debate the angels on the virtues of celestial cuisine or the historical accuracy of the Bible. We can only hope that heaven has earplugs.

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