Betty Marie Mace obituary

Betty Marie Mace Obituary

Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States

July 04, 1950 - June 12, 2023

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Betty Marie Mace obituary

Betty Marie Mace Obituary

Jul 04, 1950 - Jun 12, 2023

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In loving memory, Betty Marie Mace

Betty Marie Taylor was born in Greenwood, SD on July 4, 1931 and passed into the Spirit World surrounded by her loved ones in Colorado Springs, Co on June 12th, 2023 at Cenutra St. Francis Hospital in Colorado Springs.

  Betty was known for her kind heart, fierce love for her family and a van full of kids. Throughout her life, Betty had a heart of gold and was a helper to all. She will be missed dearly by the Ihanktowan, Missouri, Sioux City, Omaha, Wagner and Colorado relatives. Her early childhood was spent in Choteau Creek with her McBride family where she was raised by Walter McBride and Mary Bates. Her parents were Bessie LaRoche and Lawrence McBride. Betty’s children are: Elizabeth Taylor, Robert Mace, Vernon Mace Jr, Thomas Mace, Macen Redbird-Grayface, Beth Middleton and Randy Deal. Along with many others, Betty took great pride in all of her children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great grandchildren. Her smile shown brightest when holding them whether in her arms, heart or memory. 

  Betty enjoyed sharing many stories of growing up riding horses with her siblings and cousins and also enjoyed sharing lessons she learned from her Grandma “Madee” and Grandpa. She took great pride in being an Ihanktowan woman. Betty always kept it real when it came to giving advice. She enjoyed her last years of life driving her car around town and on the back roads with her grandchildren and great grandchildren and visiting with friends and relatives. Betty has lived in many areas of the country: California, Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota and colorado . She was loved wherever she went. She has always had a dog or cat in her lap and animals knew they had a friend in her. Betty took a lot of pride in making sure her family was loved, both those near and far. 

  Betty siblings are: Joe McBride, Elaine Little, Pearl Kurke, Mavis McBride, Violet LeClair, Harvey LeClair, Phillis LeCLair and one baby brother, Clayton, that passed in her youth. She counted Norbie Bates (her cousin) as her brother along with many others she claimed as family. Whether you knew Betty as Mom, Sister, Gramma, Auntie, Cousin, or Friend, to know Betty was to know her humor, loyalty, generosity, occasional tune-up and love. We would like to honor everyone who has ever given grandma a ride, went to the store for her, or helped her in any way during her life.

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