Pierre Armando Portes obituary

Pierre Armando Portes Obituary

Portsmouth, Virginia, United States

March 22, 2006 - January 26, 2019

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Pierre Armando Portes obituary

Pierre Armando Portes Obituary

Mar 22, 2006 - Jan 26, 2019

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A Life Well Lived As A Portes

Pierre Armando Portes was a smart,  handsome, and strong young man. He was raised to be a gentleman. You might think of Pierre as just a person’s name but, Pierre has a meaning to it. Pierre means,a attractive man with a strong but quiet personnality; great features and gentlemen-like qualities. He is dependable and looks out for those who are good friends to him. However, they think too much and don't act enough. Pierres are the "go to guys" that anyone would be lucky to find as a friend or lover! Pierre is such an amazing person with such great qualities. As I speak on his behalf, as his bestfriend I'd like to say some great memories I had with him. Pierre and I met in the 6th grade but we got closer in the 7th. Pierre and I were in the same 1st block. We didn’t talk at first but then the teacher moved me to there table and it was like a friendship that was meant to be. Pierre got so important to me as a friend I claimed him as my brother. One day, I did something so wrong to him I regretted it so bad. Him and I use to play a lot but that day was a little bit too much. Later that day I almost lost him. And little did he know I was afraid to lose him. We talked it over and became friends again. Pierre was just so incredible. He was very independent. To this day now I know he is looking up at everyone standing in here realizing how important he meant to people especially me. Pierre all I have to say is, “ I miss you dearly and always know you are my very important bsf no matter what. I know you will always be there for me in spirit. I will always love you best friend.” Furthermore, Pierre Portes was born and raised in Portsmouth, Virginia. He was born, Wednesday, March 22, 2006. Another one of God’s children born. Pierre Armando Portes, we will always remember him no matter what. As it states in then bible, ““This day shall be for you a memorial day, and you shall keep it as a feast to the Lord throughout your generations, as a statute forever, you shall keep it as a feast.” Exodus 12:14

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