Liddiane Shante McReynold obituary

Liddiane Shante McReynold Obituary

Lakeland, Florida, United States

October 19, 1984 - October 17, 2050

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Liddiane Shante McReynold obituary

Liddiane Shante McReynold Obituary

Oct 19, 1984 - Oct 17, 2050

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Liddiane Wearing, age 88, passed away on Monday October 17,2050 in the comfort of her home in West Palm Beach, FL.

She was born on October 19,1984, at Winter Haven, FL to Luetrica Wearing and Wesley Burnett. After the death of her parent, Ira McCloud and Prieta McCloud took her and her sibling into their home and became their parents.

She had attened James E. Stephen Elementay in Bartow, FL; Westwood Middle School in Winter Haven,FL; Lake Region High School ( for her freshman year) in Winter Haven, FL; then finish the rest of her high school term at Lake Region High School in Lakeland, FL, Where she receive award for chorus and was on the varsity basketball team. Liddiane recieve her nursing degree at Polk State College.

At the age of 16, she decide to get her first job at Burger King to help pay for her school clothes. At the age of 18, she went to college and work full time at GC Service. She left there an start working for Publix for 11 years. She retired from Publix and became a nurse at Tampa Gerenal Hospital for 5 years. After that, she open her own nursing facility name Heart of the City Nursing Home. She attended Church Of Our Lord Jesus Christ until she was 22 years old. She became a member at Church Of GOD the Bibleway in Lakeland,fl  under Bishop McCloud. she was over the praise team and a praying woman.

She survived by her husband Johnathan, her son Aeden (21), daughter Lilyanna (13), and her son Johnathan Jr (10). Her sisters Amy, Rebecca, Tabitha, Rachael, Marty, Nesha, Mia, Londa, Joanna, Lillian, Nickki, Leah, and Samantha. Her brother Mike, Isaac, Daniel, Randall, Isaiah, Benjamin, Nathan, and Wesley. She will surely miss you all.

Liddiane letter to her family: To my husband Johnathan; I knew from the start that we were going to be together for the long run. On our first date I knew that I wanted to be your wife forever. I thank GOD that I was your lost rib. We became apart of each other. You lead this family as a man should. You are a amazing husband and a terrific father. I know we always joke about getting remarried, but don't and stay away from Londa ( inside joke)...If you do, our kids is taking care of To Aeden, you were my first born. It was me and you together ( rid or die),before Johnathan. You taught me how to love another human. You taught me how to be a mother.I couldn't ask GOD for a better older son than you (mvp basketball star). Mom love you. Aeden you know mommy memo: Don't never say never and fight to the end. To Lilyanna, you are so beautiful inside and out. You are the daughter that I always wanted. Even tho, you are a daddy girl ( lol). I see myself in you. You are going to be a powerful, strong mind woman, that's going to make a different. To my sneaky one Johnathan jr. Stay out my treasure box. I have something for you in your toy box. you will always be mommy boy (mvp football player) I'm sorry mommy had to leave you, please forgive me. To my sister, I know your are going to be that mother figure that my kids need. To my brother be that example for my sons. I love yall dearly.



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