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She Dead

Date of Birth April 13, 2069

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Date of Passing April 13, 2069

Sherri Oboyle

from Elk river

Sherri Oboyle, 50, of Elk river, passed Monday, October 15, 2018. While eating onions. Sherri was born April 13, 1969

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    Reply Margie M / Feb 08, 2019

    Sherri has a secure future of life with us again. According to God’s word at John 5:28,29 Sherri will be a part of all those in the memorial tombs and graves that will be resurrected. In the Lord’s Prayer we pray for God’s Kingdom to come and his will to be done. What a wonderful part of that Kingdom rule to bring our loved ones back to us on a paradise earth. It’s God’s guarantee that Sherri will be with us again!

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    Reply Jim m / Dec 13, 2018

    No one wants to lose their loved ones, it is to say the least, heartbreaking. So I offer to Sherri's family and friends my condolences. But I also wish to offer much more in the way of comfort. The God of all plans a wonderful future for Sherri. In the Bible at John 5:28&29; it states that all those in memorial tombs and graves will come out to life here with us. Of course things will be vastly different for Sherri, she won't be sick, old or under the threat of death anymore. Under the rulership of God's son, those will be done away with. Sherri will join in the original purpose that mankind was to do. An earth that's filled with peace, beauty and one united human family. What a good day to see Sherri that will be.

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