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In honor of the brave men and women who have served this great Nation, OBITUARe has launched a military recognition program. Politics aside, we believe that we must care for those who fight to preserve our ideals, freedoms and overall well-being. This program aims to ensure that every service member is memorialized on our site in the most respectful and dignified way.

Features of the Military Recognition Program

  1. Save Money – Sign up for the Lifetime Obituary Service $(99) and pay only $35. Use the discount code “HONOR40″ at checkout.
  2. Lifetime Service – Here is a complete list of our service features
    • 50 total videos to share with family and friends
    • Unlimited photos
    • Immediate approval and priority review
    • Grammar and spelling review
    • Private obituary option
  3. Greater Recognition – Obituaries are typically featured on the home page for 1 week. All military obituaries will be featured for 1 month and seen by tens of thousands of viewers.
  4. Custom Background Images – Thanks to our friends at Unsplash, we’ve been able to curate a custom group of background images that you can use to improve the aesthetic of the obituary and honor your loved one in a special way.

Military Background Images for Your Loved One’s Obituary

Here’s how you start

  1. Write down the code - “HONOR” – Apply this discount just before you “Submit and Pay.”
  2. Choose your obituary background – Select one of our curated images above and save it for later use.