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Mary Louise  Williams obituary

Mary Louise Williams Obituary

Augusta, Georgia, United States

September 11, 1940 - April 03, 2022

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Mary Louise  Williams obituary

Mary Louise Williams Obituary

Sep 11, 1940 - Apr 03, 2022

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A Loving Family Member

Mary Williams, wonderful mother and caring soul, tragically passed away on the 3rd of April peacefully in her sleep. Mary Williams was born in 1940 and lived so many lives in her 81 years. She was raised by her mother and father in Georgia and loved her hometown so much that she stayed in it for her entire life. As a child, she always showed a lot of interest in animals as she loved to care for them and occasionally take in strays. After her education she decided to settle down with her high school sweetheart, Joseph Williams, at the age of 23. Over the course of her life,she rescued animals from shelters and volunteering at the animal shelter nearby. When she wasn’t doing all of those things, she had a small part time job at a garden center. She loved to tend to plants and her own garden in her free time too. After her husband died in 2009, she continued to foster animals to honor his memory.

“A foster parent like you, are so special and few, and although we’re not united by blood, you’ve always made me feel loved. I can’t tell you how grateful I am that you gave me a home. A foster mother like you, meant I was never alone.”

Mary is survived by her three children and all of the many people who consider her as a mother. There will be a service held for Mary on the 7th of April to give our respects, Williams Funeral Home. Any proceeds will go to the local animal shelter and her children as requested by Mary in her will.

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