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Celebration of life

Date of Birth January 18, 1961

Obituary Image

Date of Passing March 05, 2019

Johnny Salvador Chavez

from Sacramento

Johnny Chavez, 58, passed Tuesday, March 05, 2019. Johnny was born to Jesus chavez, and Roselee chavez, January 18, 1961 in Sacramento, California. He married Carmella chavez in 85 , and they lived together in Sacramento.

Johnny is survived by 4 children: Atina chavez, April chavez, Johnny chavez jr, and Sarah chavez. He also is survived by 6 grandchildren.


And you as well must die, belovèd dust,
And all your beauty stand you in no stead;
This flawless, vital hand, this perfect head,
This body of flame and steel, before the gust
Of Death, or under his autumnal frost,
Shall be as any leaf, be no less dead
Than the first leaf that fell,this wonder fled,
Altered, estranged, disintegrated, lost.
Nor shall my love avail you in your hour.
In spite of all my love, you will arise
Upon that day and wander down the air
Obscurely as the unattended flower,
It mattering not how beautiful you were,
Or how belovèd above all else that dies.


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