Grace Elizabeth Christmas obituary

Grace Elizabeth Christmas Obituary

Raleigh, North Carolina, United States

December 27, 2002 - November 12, 2091

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Grace Elizabeth Christmas obituary

Grace Elizabeth Christmas Obituary

Dec 27, 2002 - Nov 12, 2091

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A Life Through God

Grace grew up with her younger brother, Andy, and younger sister, Lila, guided by her parents Kelsey and Patrick Christmas in their small suburb off of Orlando. There Grace attended Winter Park High School where she was in the honor roll program, and later went on to attend college at the University of North Carolina. She met her husband 60 years, Parker Johnson, at UNC and they later grew and family and lived most of their lives in Rolley, North Carolina.

Grace passed away of old age in her retirement home in Palm Coast, Florida this past Tuesday morning. By her side at her death were her three kids, Reily Paige, Wes, and Sarah Lu, along with her best friend Mya Blanton. Her eight grandchildren were additionally by her side when she died. When you ask people to describe great, they usually say "she had a heart for everyone around her." "She did everything known to man for the community for individuals with special needs. Her programs branched out to families looking for a saving grace for not only their kid but their entire family all over the world. But at the core of Grace's heart was God's love. She disciplined her child in his name. She created marriage in his name and friendships. She always gave the best advice and if you needed something done as a favor, Grace would have it done with 24 hours. Grace loved to dance. Ever since she took her last breath, she was dancing away in her head." Grace was most proud of her program, “Why are YOU Special?” Due to Grace’s program, 25,000 thousand kids got baptized by going through the program, “Why are YOU Special?” Her biggest regret in life was not traveling with her husband to more amazing places all over the country. Even though she and Parker went to Europe many times and Australia, she never got to check her bucket list off of going to Israel, the home of Jesus’ birth.  She additionally wished she had done a better job distributing her time off work and time with family. While Grace loved her family, she would often get caught up in doing work and refused to go out and play or do certain events with her family. Overall, looking back at her life, Grace was satisfied. She had three healthy kids, a successful marriage, eight healthy grandchildren, a nice home, and two loving parents…more blessings than she could count. Yet, Grace did have ups and downs in her life. Patience was the key virtue in Grace’s life.

Philippians 4:6-7


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