Craig Lamon Griffin obituary

Craig Lamon Griffin Obituary

Chicago, Illinois, United States

September 13, 1990 - October 14, 2023

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Craig Lamon Griffin obituary

Craig Lamon Griffin Obituary

Sep 13, 1990 - Oct 14, 2023

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Long Live the Greatest

We are gathered here today to celebrate the wonderful life of Craig Griffin, who brought so much joy and laughter into the world. Born on September 13, 1990, in the vibrant city of Chicago, Illinois, Craig's infectious smile and warm personality made him beloved by all who knew him.

Craig had an uncanny ability to turn any situation into a comedy show. With his quick wit and hilarious anecdotes, he could light up a room and leave everyone in stitches. From impromptu stand-up routines to witty one-liners, he had a knack for finding humor in even the most mundane moments.

Chicago was Craig's playground – he knew every nook and cranny of the city like the back of his hand. Whether it was exploring new restaurants or attending local comedy clubs, he was always in search of the next laugh. Craig had a contagious sense of adventure and never missed a chance to go on spontaneous road trips with friends, always finding a way to infuse every journey with laughter.

Beyond his comedic prowess, Craig had a heart of gold. He was the go-to person when you needed a shoulder to lean on or a sympathetic ear. His empathy and kindness were boundless, and he touched the lives of countless friends and strangers alike. Craig had a unique ability to make everyone feel important and loved, and his generosity knew no bounds.

Craig's passions were as varied as his jokes. From collecting quirky socks to his love for comic books, he possessed an infectious enthusiasm for the things he loved. Whether debating the latest superhero movie or tuning into a midnight radio show, his zest for life was truly admirable.

On October 14, 2023, Craig's journey on this earth sadly came to an end, leaving a void in the hearts of all who knew him. Craig left behind 2 beautiful children Legacy and Jordan , Mom, Dad, 1 brother Chris(Shadow) and 4 sisters Alexis(Isis), Chyna(Lady), Sommer(NuNu) and Sydnie(BooMa). However, even in death, Craig's legacy lives on through the memories we shared with him, the laughter he gifted us, and the warmth he bestowed upon us.

So let us remember Craig Griffin with smiles on our faces and laughter in our hearts. May his vibrant spirit inspire us to find joy in the simplest of moments, to embrace adventure, and to spread kindness wherever we go. Rest in peace, King and thank you for brightening our lives with your timeless humor and boundless love.

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Funeral Details:
November 05, 2023
Metropolitan Community Church, 4610 S Prairie Ave, Chicago, IL
Burial Details:
Immediately After Service
November 05, 2023
Burr Oak Cement , 4400 W 127th St, Chicago, IL

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