Claire Yvonne Bonaventure  obituary

Claire Yvonne Bonaventure Obituary

Jacksonville, Florida, United States

January 09, 1961 - September 03, 2022

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Claire Yvonne Bonaventure  obituary

Claire Yvonne Bonaventure Obituary

Jan 09, 1961 - Sep 03, 2022

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A life well lived

Claire Bonaventure , 61, of Jacksonville, Florida, passed on September 03, 2022. Claire was born on January 09, 1961. Claire's invisible scars depicted a story of untamed purpose. Formally struggling to overcome her issues of abandonment, she abandoned her mental captivity of self-hatred and used her story to empower other women to gain a true sense of self by journeying alongside them through her process of empowerment: visualization, willingness, accountability, and distinctiveness.

Her close friends knew her to be focused, accountable and an all-around loving individual. With the most humility, Claire did what she wanted to do. She knew she had a voice, and used it to speak life into thousands of individuals. She inspired many, young and seasoned, alike. Dozens of young girls and adult women admired Claire for her tenacity, kindred spirit, and modeling her convictions. Though she overcome much adversity and achieved many things in her few years, her life abruptly ended before she could achieve her mission to bring empowerment and self-healing to 300,000 women.

With her contagious smile gone, a light in this dark world has dimmed!

Claire was once a woman upon this Earth, yet she is no longer.

Claire Yvonne Bonaventure is survived by her 3 sisters, Marilyn Bonaventure, Rhene Boykins, and Evon Bonaventure, friends, and dozens of mentees.

Promised wishes of cremation will be detailed at our Sunday service at Hendricks Avenue Baptist Church on Memorial Day September 11, 2022.
4001 Hendricks Ave, Jacksonville, FL 32207.

You can to the family or in memory of Claire Bonaventure .

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