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Date of BirthAugust 21, 1950

Brenda Rose Marks Obituary

Date of BirthAugust 21, 1950


Date of PassingAugust 05, 2019

Brenda Rose Marks Obituary

from Cleveland, Ohio, United States

Brenda Marks, 19, of Cleveland, Ohio, passed Monday, August 07, 1950. Brenda was born to Homer Marks, and Anna Johnson, January 01, 1970 in Cleveland, Ohio.

Brenda graduated from East High School in 1968 and received a degree from Ohio State University in 1974. She married Terrell White in 1969, and they lived together in Cleveland. Brenda worked at Cleveland Clinic until she retired in 1998. She also volunteered at the Cleveland APL in 2001 and was passionate about affecting the most positive change in people.

In 1974 she was honored with the Bachelor.

Brenda is survived by 4 children: Tracy Marks (Terrell White), John Marks, Christopher Marks , and Ida Marks. She also is survived by 6 grandchildren.Antonio Marks,Champaine Daniels,Robert Wofford,Reggie Wofford,Dena Daniels,Ashely Daniels She will be  cremated  August 9,2019

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