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A life well lived. Loss of a loved one.

Date of Birth March 03, 1993

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Date of Passing March 01, 2020

Brandon M Crabtree

from Mckinney, Texas, United States

Brandon Michael Crabtree died March 1, 2020.

His death was something to be remembered. He died of exhaustion due to overexerting his muscles in his entire body. He also had severe mental stress and exhaustion causing him to die of dehydration while he was outside working out in his regular clothes. He usually always hydrates but from the autopsy his body was practically in stroke/seizure levels of stress for a prolong period of time. Also his diaphram was some how destroyed. He died with his backpack on which was carrying his holy bible. He was baptized 2020 OCT 03. And ordained shortly after.

He use to be a seabee in the navy drilling wells in Africa. He loves the military.

He'll never forget Mia.

He got bit by a tik-tik which ultimately destroyed his mental health and physical health giving him Sleep Sickness. Jesus christ lived longer than he did. He will truly be missed and loved.

His dying wish was to tell his family that he loves them alot and he can sleep now since hes dead.

No wife. no kids.

He had a small turn up at his funeral. 3 people.

Close family whos name we will not disclose due to privacy.

His will is in his pocket it says that everyone can fight over nothing over his death. He was homeless for long time, he also was the victim of entrapment and emotional and psychological abuse, as well physical abuse.

May he be free and rest in peace in heaven with jesus christ

May his enemies perish as we all rise in the Gods Country get rid of the devils and ravenous wolves as they show their teeth. Let the light shine down and the glory of god destroying evil be the path to a better america and future for our kids. May no one else have to die like this ever again.

Love always,

William Crabtree Jr.

P.S. Kendra Kane, Lecil (Sorry for yalls loss)

Karen Barker, George (Bless your family at this time, my deepest condolences)

Liberado de oppresso

Semper Fidelis



God Bless America and may the lord have mercy on your souls!

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    Reply Joe B / Mar 26, 2020

    I may not know Brandon, but I am so sorry for Brandon's family. God speed.. Revelation 21:4 4 ‘He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death’[a] or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.”

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