We recently began an article series which summarizes the data we gathered on newspaper obituaries. The consensus was clear for cost: OBITUARe wins by hundreds of dollars and is the best way for your family to save money in times of grief. But how does it rank in terms of time and ease of use?
OBITUARe Newspapers
Website NavigationCreating an obituary can’t get any easier. Click once to get to the obituary creation page--no website navigation required.  Website NavigationMost newspapers bury links to their obituary submission process deep inside their website. Finding it takes anywhere from 3-6 clicks, and it’s only that quick if you know where to look.
Obituary CreationChoosing a background and pictures and copying in your obituary text takes 5-10 minutes. You can fully customize your obituary, and you can see real-time changes when you edit. Obituary CreationMost newspapers require you to email your obituary text and pictures to them. From there, it can take DAYS for them to get back to you with a price quote. Some of them have an online submission form, which are easy to fill out and take 5-20 minutes to complete.
Publishing TimeInstant. Once you submit it, your obituary will be available online for everyone to see, and you can print immediately too. Publishing TimeFor most newspapers, the process takes 1-4  days, depending on what day and time you submit. Your obituary has to be approved and edited in-house once it’s submitted, so you won’t have a lot of time in advance to make sure everything’s perfect.
Newspapers have to juggle with printing and distribution, which means deadlines are tight. OBITUARe is made specially for your obituary needs, with no newspaper bureaucracy. So the consensus is clear yet again: OBITUARe is easier and faster.