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OBITUARe vs Newspaper Obituary: Feature Comparison

For the final part of our article series on newspaper obituary options, we compared OBITUARe’s extra features to newspaper discounts, and once more OBITUARe wins. You don’t get what you pay for when you spend a thousand dollars on a newspaper obituary. OBITUARe Features Newspaper Features You can fully customize your obituary with colorful backgrounds and […]

Obituary Data Discovery Project

Any person who has created and/or submitted an obituary to a newspaper is aware of the painful inefficiency and cost. This is why OBITUARe was built to be the easiest way to create and share a free obituary. To understand exactly how we compare to newspapers I welcome you to view our comparison page. The […]

My First Experience with Death

No matter who you are or how you look at it, death is a difficult thing to process. Months before my Grandpa passed I took time off of work to help my family care for him. At first, I mostly assisted by cooking his meals.  Deep in my heart, I believed I could heal my […]

For my Grandfather – David Ramos

A Catalyst for Good More than two years have lapsed since my grandfather’s passing.  In the midst of my loss I tried to pursue the good that could arise out of that difficult experience, and as a result, I funneled my energy and emotion into the making of OBITUARe.com. My grandfather, David Ramos, was the […]